RESULTS: BYJL South and South Wales from Poole

The results are in for the Poole round of the South and South Wales British Youth and Junior League. A great turn out of 76 riders took to the Harbourside circuit, here’s how it finished…

Under 8’s
A Final

1st Danny Reeks (Poole)
2nd Oli Saunders (Poole)
3rd Joe Hurren (Poole)
4th J J Wildman (Exeter)

B Final
1st Logan Smith (Underwood)
2nd Sonny Whale (Southampton)
3rd C J Hamner (Poole)
4th Scottie Rowles (Poole)

Under 10’s
A Final

1st Harry Stanbury (Exeter)
2nd Nathan Goulden (Poole)
3rd Rosie Tidball (Exeter)
4th Raphael Stagmaier (Newport)

B Final
1st Josh Evans (Newport)
2nd Jasmine Oddie (Poole)
3rd Brodie Crockford (Southampton)
4th Josh Satchwith (Swindon)

Under 12’s
A Final

1st Ben Stanbury (Exeter)
2nd Harrison Todd (Horspath)
3rd Josh Ramshaw (Horspath)
4th Owen Tidball (Exeter)

B Final
1st Dan Wright (Underwood)
2nd Eistyn Lewis (Newport)
3rd Owen Johnson (Horspath
4th K J Legge (Poole)

Under 14’s
A Final

1st Ieuan Payne (Underwood)
2nd Callum Smith (Poole)
3rd Thomas Croal (Exeter)
4th Will Tidball (Exeter)

B Final
1st Henry Atkins (Exeter)
2nd Sean Bennett (Newport)
3rd Andrew Baker (Newport)
4th George Newman (Poole)

Under 16’s
A Final

1st Callum Albin (Poole)
2nd Robert Croal (Exeter)
3rd Jack Herbert (Exeter)
4th Adam Bennett (Newport)

B Final
1st Jay Briggs (Poole)
2nd Jordan Bradford (Poole)

A Final

1st Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
2nd Sandra Tambourska (Poole)
3rd Krissie Mines (Poole)
4th Macie Schmidt (Poole)

B Final
1st Tonica Heyde (Exeter)
2nd Chloe Albin (Poole)
3rd Bethany Briggs (Poole)
4th Alison Lindfield (Poole)

Club Scores
1st Poole 364 2nd Exeter 194 3rd Newport 96 4th Underwood 43 5th Southampton 38 6th= Swindon 25 Horspath 25

U8’s – 18; U10’s – 13; U12’s – 12; U14’s – 19; U16’s – 6; Girls – 8; Total 76