MATCH REPORT: Stockport dominance continues

Astley & Tyldesley welcomed Stockport for a Northern League fixture at Gin Pit, on a warm and windy day.

In the Division 1 match, A&T took advantage of two Jake Read gate exclusions to open up a 26-22 lead after 5 heats. The visitors promptly banged in two successive 7-3 heat wins, to re-take the lead. From then on, Stockport controlled the match, to run out 100-78 winners, and extend their unbeaten run at the top of the table. A&T claimed inside grids from heat 13 onwards. Jack Lush and Terry Norman both raced unbeaten for the visitors, whilst Reece Pollitt and Paul Graham were A&T’s only race winners. Only two race winners proved to be A&T’s downfall, as all their riders were solid scoring.

Northern League Division 1 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 78 Stockport 100

A&T: Reece Pollitt 13 (2), Danny Hughes 13 (1), Joe Allen 11 (1), Luke Jamson 10 (2), Paul Graham 10, Ciaran Collins 8, Mark Graham 7 (1), Max Evans 6 (1).
Stockport: Terry Norman 19 (1), Jack Lush 18 (2), Ben Higham 16 (1), Mat Lush 15 (2), Joe Pickford 13, Jake Read 9, Ryan Harrison 8, James Barry 2.
Referee – Bill Phillips.

Stockport fielded two ineligible riders in the Division 2 match, so conceded 39 penalty points. The match was ridden in a great spirit, with Mat Lush and Jake Read giving the A&T youngsters every opportunity to race against them. Ciaran Collins and Reece Pollitt won two races apiece for A&T, with strong support from Max Evans and Ben Dickinson. Ryan Harrison raced unbeaten for Stockport, with good support from James Barry and Joe Pickford.

Northern League Division 2 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 111 Stockport 77

A&T: Ciaran Collins 16 (2), Reece Pollitt 16 (1), Max Evans 13 (1), Ben Dickinson 12 (2), Alex Semtyshin 7, Joe Quarmby 4, Emily Burgess 3, Charlie Dickinson 1.
Stockport: Ryan Harrison 18 (2), James Barry 14, Jake Read 13 (1), Joe Pickford 13 (1), Mat Lush 10, Louis Wright 9.
Referee – Mark Graham.

Astley & Tyldesley easily overcame Stockport in the Division 3 match, to maintain their lead at the top of the table. Max Evans raced unbeaten for A&T with solid support from the rest of the team. James Barry raced unbeaten for Stockport, with Louis Wright scoring well.

Northern League Division 3 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 91 Stockport 29
Max Evans 16, Joe Quarmby 12, Emily Burgess 12, Ben Dickinson 11, Alex Semtyshin 10, John White 8, Charlie Dickinson 7, Charlie Burgess 7, Jack Murray 4, Max Quarmby 4.
Stockport: James Barry 16, Louis Wright 13.
Referee – Bill Phillips.