NEWS: Coventry v East Park ML3 match off

This Sunday’s fixture between Coventry and East Park will no longer go ahead.

Due to an administrative error regarding the payment of levies, Coventry Cycle Speedway Club have had their fixtures removed from the British Cycling calendar. Due to a potential lack of insurance cover, the Midland League Division 3 matches against East Park and also Birmingham this Sunday has been postponed.

A spokesperson for Coventry has said they hope to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

East Park and Birmingham have arrange a division 3 challenge match at East Park starting at 12 noon.

Please note: We understand the levy is not anything to do with insurance cover, “potential lack of insurance cover” is with regards to the match not being featured on the official British Cycling events calendar. This means it’s unclear what the situation will be for insurance cover if the match was to go ahead. With this in mind the East Park club contacted Coventry to inform them that they will not be riding.