MATCH REPORT: East Park win challenge

The Monarchs traveled to East Park this afternoon for a Division 3 Challenge fixture, both clubs were meant to be in action at Hearsall Common in Coventry today but both matches were postponed due administration issues over levy payments.

As this was a challenge fixture both clubs agreed to allow some of their senior riders to take part and run the match over an 18 Heat format. 
Heat 1 all level. Heat 2 saw Jake and Zak White take a maximum in a strong partnership for the home club, beating Pitt and Nat Timms.
Heat 3, Monarchs took their own heat advantage, Paul Timms winning the race with Marc Phipps 3rd (16-14).
 Heat 4 saw a home winner in Brandon Whetton in a 5 all.
 Heat 5 saw the Monarchs draw level with a 6-4, Paul Timms again the winner over John Whetton with Connor Steel beating Kieran Hutchings, progressive score 25-25.

The next 2 heats were shared before the White partnership took another maximum although Chris Callow chased hard. Birmingham went into the break with a 6-4 fight back. Hodgkinson beating Josh Hill whilst Emily Pitt saw off Liam Cartwright. 
Half time 46-44.

Birmingham pulled level in Heat 10 – Paul Timms again beat John Whetton, whilst Nat Timms was chased by Kate Hutchings for 3rd, progressive score, 50-50. 
Heat 11 was drawn, Steve Hodgkinson the first to beat the White pairing.
 Heat 12 saw Brandon and dad John Whetton take a calculating maximum in the 12th to again move ahead in the match, 62-58. 
Chris Callow took a hard 1st bend corner win over Hill who chased him hard the rest of the race. Steel had to keep an eye on the chasing Kate Hutchings to maintain 3rd place. A fightback to 66-64.

Two 2 of the next 3 heats were drawn with Monarchs vets Timms and Hodgkinson winning a heat each. Hodgkinson was the only Monarch representative in heat 15 so the Wolves took a 5-4 advantage out of it.
 81-78 with 2 heats left. 
Brandon Whetton completed his paid max in heat 17 and in the process ruined the maximum of Timms senior. With Pitt at the back the Wolves moved clear and made certain of victory with a race to spare.
 Birmingham’s youngest members raced in heat 18, Marc Phipps and Connor Steel took a 5 all. Phipps making an impressive gate on Jake White but White got the better of him on the 2nd bend.

EAST PARK WOLVES 92 – Brandon Whetton 19+1(5), Kieran Hutchings 4(4), Jake White 17+1(5), Zak White 14+2(5), Josh Hill 17(5), Kate Hutchings 5(5), Liam Cartwright 4+1(3), John Whetton 12+1(4)
BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 87 – Chris Callow 15(5), Connor Steel 9+2(5), Emily Pitt 10(5), Natalie Timms 8+2(5), Marc Phipps 9+1(5), no rider at 6, Steve Hodgkinson 17(5), Paul Timms 19(5).