MATCH REPORT: Top bants at Hearsall Common!

The Coventry managements decision to leave out their top riders certainly added to the entertainment value of the East midlands clash. As usual in these derby matches the racing was fierce, however the racing and banter, was all in great spirit and both sides deserve great credit for putting on an exciting match.

The visitors took the lead in the first heat thanks to a well executed 7-3 from Marchant and super reserve Mark Whitehead, this was immediately reversed in the next with Frith and Williams netting their own maximum. The sides remained locked together until the sixth heat when the very impressive Kyle Roberts teamed up with Dan Drewett to take a 7-3 over Michelle Whitehead and debutant Mike Baldock.

The match was killed off as a contest after the interval, Coventry taking four consecutive maximums as the visitors ran out of options, Roberts completing his paid maximum in the final heat.

All the home riders contributed fully and the young Coventry stars have improved beyond recognition over the past twelve months. Leicester battled hard, none more so than downhill racer Baldock who was on the pace but bit the dust on three occasions, lots of effort but a lack of seniors will always make this sort of encounter difficult.

Coventry 103
Mason Phillips 16+1 (5), Matt Lawrence 13+1 (5), Dave Frith 14+2 (5), Kelvin Williams 18 (5), Dan Drewett 12+3 (5), Kyle Roberts 19+1 (5), Josh Marsh 3 (3), Charlie Barnett 8+2 (3)

Leicester 73
Luke Whitehead 8 (4), Craig Marchant 10+1 (5), Michelle Whitehead 11 (5), Mike Baldock 6 (5), Nick Whitehead 9+2 (5), Sarah Olsen 8 (4), Mark Whitehead 15+1 (5), Jenna Whitehead 5(3)