RIDER NEWS: Demon United team up with Brooke

Josh Brooke (pictured left) has landed ambassadorship with a leading brand in the protective equipment market.

Demon United are a leading brand in Europe, founded and still based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA. They produce protective wear for a large range of ‘X sports’, including Mountain Biking, BMXing, Snowboarding, and even Roller Derby.

Founded in 1999, they now stock over 150 protective and lifestyle products, including helmets, gloves, knee pads, and protective under armour.

Josh is looking forward to trying out some of their products in the next few weeks.

Brooke commented: “During the close season I looked at the types of companies I wanted to try and get on board for the next few years and one of the things you notice, especially as you get older, is the amount of abuse your body sustains, especially in a sport as physical and intense as CS, and waking up on a Monday morning with bruises and cuts covering you from head to toe.

“So I made a conscious effort to look into the protective equipment market, and I was lucky enough to stumble across Demon United, and even luckier to be offered the chance to be able to work with them for the coming year.

“I am also able to offer a 25% discount to anyone who wants to purchase any of their products so if you’re looking into upgrading your protection then have a browse over their website and get in contact with me.”

Get yourselves protected by emailing Josh HERE. Great job on bringing another retail name to our sport, well done Josh.