BYJL: Little League going ahead in Bury this weekend

This Saturday sees the first of the National rounds of the BYJL which is to be held at Bury, starting at 10.00. The entrance fee remains at £4.

Future rounds are at Ipswich (July 14), Coventry (August 11) and Horspath (September 1).

BYJL Coordinator, Ross Mee, has quashed rumours of the Little League competition not taking place this Saturday. He commented: “I understand that at the weekend there was a suggestion that there would be no U8 or U10 racing this Saturday, so I wish to make it clear that, as last year, all the BYJL rounds will be preceded by the U8s and U10s racing under the Little League banner. There is no qualification criteria for the Little League, so any riders in these age groups can take part.”

In the team competition Poole will be defending their title against A&T, Coventry, Exeter, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Leicester and Sheffield.

Ross continued: “In last year’s World Championships, both Junior titles and three other podium places went to riders who had ridden in the 2017 BYJL, so this competition is the ideal place for riders to develop their skills. But equally it provides riders of all abilities an arena to race against riders of their own age and ability, as well as being a great social day for riders and parents alike.

“Please promote these rounds among your riders and parents – even if they do not wish to travel to all the rounds, I hope that riders will at least support their region’s own round.

“Any questions can be directed to me – or 07769 734581.

Thanks for your support.”