MATCH REPORT: Veterans, Women’s and U16 Girls Club Championships from Astley and Tyldesley

It was a brilliant day’s cycle speedway racing at a hot and sunny Gin Pit on Saturday, as Astley & Tyldesley hosted three British Club Championship events, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Astley.

Leicester retained both the Womens and Veterans Championships, with Exeter winning the U16 Girls event after a run-off with Poole ‘A’.

In the Womens Final, Leicester won the title for an incredible 13th successive year, finishing ahead of Poole. Michelle Whitehead scored 15 points, to finish alongside Astley & Tyldesley’s 14 years old Emily Burgess as the meeting’s top scorer. Poole pushed Leicester all the way and badly missed the injured Macie Schmidt, who was present as a spectator. Apart from Emily Burgess, A&T’s riders were all new recruits from other cycling disciplines and it was a great performance by the new team to take 3rd place on the day.

Women’s Final Result

Leicester 50: Michelle Whitehead 15, Lucy Whitehead 14, Lizzy Rigley 10, Chloe Whitehead 8, Sophie Sinclair-Black 3.
Poole 44: Maddie Saunders 14, Chloe Albin 11, Kristina Mines 10, Anna Tuttle 9, Jasmine Oddie dnr.
A&T 35: Emily Burgess 15, Melissa Boylin 7, Erin Corrigan 6, Alison Bull 5, Keira Atherton 2.
Ipswich 34: Chloe Pearce 14, Charlie-Jane Herbert 12, Gemma Hill 8.
Sheffield 26: Laura Watson 13, Niamh Morton 10, Emily Morton 3.

Referee – Alan Hewitson (Edinburgh).

All five Leicester riders dropped a single point apiece, as they ran out comfortable winners to retain the Veterans trophy. Two gate exclusions put paid to Astley & Tyldesleys attempts to beat Birmingham for second place, with Mark Winwood again scoring well at Gin Pit, beaten only by Dave Hemsley in the last race. Poole were unable to field a team and withdrew the previous day.

Veterans Club Championship Result

Leicester 59: Craig Marchant 15, Norman Venson 11, Mark Whitehead 11, Dave Frith 11, Dave Hemsley 11.
Birmingham 43: Mark Winwood 15, Carl Winwood 12, Steve Hodgkinson 9, Paul Timms 7.
A&T 36: Mark Grantham 11, Steve Harris 9, Paul Graham 8, Mick Knowles 4, Mark Brundrett 4.

Referee: Ben Higham (Stockport)

Exeter won a dramatic U16 Girls ‘A’ Final, with Rosie Tidball beating Maddie Saunders of Poole ‘A’ in a run-off, after both teams had scored 34 points. Both teams had pairs who scored well and consistently throughout the day. A&T’s Emily Burgess raced to a 24 points maximum score, but with each of their races finishing as a 5-5, A&T were unable to repeat their three 7-3 heat wins from the 1st Semi-Final and finished in 3rd place on 30 points.

U16 Girls A-Final

Exeter 34: Miah Lang 19 (2), Rosie Tidball 15 (3).
Poole ‘A’ 34: Maddie Saunders 18 (3), Anna Tuttle 16 (2).
A&T ‘A’ 30: Emily Burgess 24, Melissa Boylin 6.
Poole ‘B’ 22: Izzy Byrne 13 (1), Jasmine Oddie 9 (1).

Referee: Ben Higham (Stockport).

U16 Girls B-Final

Leicester 39: Honey Whitehead 22 (1), Sophie Sinclair-Black 17 (4).
Wednesfield 37: Megan Burt 19, Georgia Burt 18 (4).
A&T ‘B’ 22: Erin Corrigan 14, Jacqui Kinsey 8 (2).
East Park 22: Louise Price 16, Bethany Price 6.

Referee: Ben Higham (Stockport)

U16 Girls Semi Final 1

A&T ‘A’ 36: Emily Burgess 22 (2), Melissa Boylin 14 (1).
Exeter 36: Miah Lang 19 (1), Rosie Tidball 17 (4).
Leicester 30: Honey Whitehead 15 (2), Sophie Sinclair-Black 15 (2).
East Park 18: Louise Price 12, Bethany Price 6.

Referee: Alan Hewitson (Edinburgh)

U16 Girls Semi Final 2

Poole ‘A’ 38: Anna Tuttle 21, Maddie Saunders 17 (4).
Poole ‘B’ 31: Jasmine Oddie 16, Izzy Byrne 15 (2).
Wednesfield 30: Georgia Burt 16 (3), Megan Burt 14.
A&T ‘B’ 20: Erin Corrigan 13, Jacqui Kinsey 7 (1).

Referee: Alan Hewitson (Edinburgh)

Photos courtesy of Len Priestley (Astley & Tyldesley Club Official Photographer).