ICSF General Secretary Mike Hack has released the following statement regarding the recent European Championships. The statement is in English as well as Polish:

Dear All

Now that everyone has had time to return home and settle down after the European Championships, I wish to thank everyone involved in organizing and participating in the tournament. From my own observations and the feedback I have received, the tournament was a great success and most enjoyable.

Congratulations go to the two Polish clubs – Czestochowa and Poczesna – and their members for the considerable task in successfully putting on such a major and prestigious event. Thanks go to the local authorities and sponsors, for their support in promoting the Championships.

Congratulations also go to the two Federations -Gt. Britain and Poland – for providing the officials and riders to organize and compete in the series.

And of course, congratulations go to all the winners of the various ICSF European Championships – Marcin Szymanski, Macie Schmidt, Craig Marchant, Jakub Kosiecha and the Poland teams in both the Senior and Junior Nations Cup competitions.

VIEW THE RESULTS: 2018 European Championships Results Page

I also wish to take this opportunity to wish our long serving Australian ICSF delegate, Mick Harley, a full and speedy recovery from illness.

I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing you in the World Championships in Poland in 2019.