DRAWS: British Individual Championships

The draws are in for the respective British Individual championships which take place from Saturday 25th August to Monday 27th August.

Riders are asked to note in particular that the start times for a number of matches listed have changed.

There are still a few vacancies in some events and any interested riders are asked to contact Paul West at British Cycling at the earliest opportunity

The full draws are listed below:

British Individual Under 12 Girls Championship at Astley & Tyldesley
Saturday 25th August 13:00

(4 rides in between U12 Boys Championship)

1 Josie Kell Hethersett CSC
2 Daisy Sherwood Poole CSC
3 Shannon Tucker Exeter Aces CSC
4 Lexie Curtis Poole CSC

British Individual Under 12 Boys Championship at Astley & Tyldesley
Saturday 25th August 13:00

1 John White North Cheshire Clarion
2 Kyle Wells Leicester CSC
3 Oliver Saunders Poole CSC
4 Logan Perkins Sheffield Stars CSC
5 Spare 1
6 Spare 2
7 Noah Woodhouse Kesgrave Panthers CSC
8 McKenzie Laing Exeter Aces CSC
9 John Junior Wildman Exeter Aces CSC
10 Charlie Beeton Kesgrave Panthers CSC
11 Oliver Johnson Poole CSC
12 Spare 3
13 Charlie Parr Kesgrave Panthers CSC
14 Kenzie Bennett Poole CSC
15 Tom Morrissey Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
16 Torsten Jolly Kesgrave Panthers CSC

British Individual Under 14 Girls Championship at Astley & Tyldesley
Saturday 25th August  14:30

1 Rebekah Humphries Birmingham Monarchs CSC
2 Erin Corrigan Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
3 Charmaine Wells Leicester CSC
4 Miah Laing Exeter Aces CSC
5 Madeline Saunders Poole CSC
6 Phoebe Hammond Kesgrave Panthers CSC
7 Megan Burt Wednesfield Aces CSC
8 Rosie Tidball Exeter Aces CSC
9 Emily Burgess Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club

British Individual Under 14 Boys Championship at Astley & Tyldesley
Saturday 25th August  16:00

1 Harry Radford Bury CSC
2 Kielan Burton Sheffield Stars CSC
3 Jack Reynolds Coventry CSC
4 John White North Cheshire Clarion
5 Nathan Goulden Poole CSC
6 Joshua Nottle Poole CSC
7 Ellis Richmond Wednesfield Aces CSC
8 Jack Horton Exeter Aces CSC
9 Kenzie Bennett Poole CSC​


British Individual Open Championship Semi 2 at Sheffield (Cookson Park)
Sunday 26th August 11;00
1 Ben Mould Poole CSC
2 Joshua Brooke Great Blakenham CSC
3 Ricki Johnson Birmingham Monarchs CSC
4 Lewis Osborne Great Blakenham CSC
5 Myke Grimes Coventry CSC
6 Joshua Hill Birmingham Monarchs CSC
7 Ben Higham Stockport (2006) CSC
8 Ewan Hancox Birmingham Monarchs CSC
9 Andy Angell Hull CSC
10 Wil Bristowe Poole CSC
11 Chris Jewkes Wednesfield Aces CSC
12 William Jeffery Horspath CSC
13 Tom Bewick Wednesfield Aces CSC
14 Michael Preston Stockport (2006) CSC
15 Paul Heard Wednesfield Aces CSC
16 Edan Morton Sheffield Stars CSC
British Under 16 Girls Individual Championship at Sheffield (Cookson Park)
Sunday 26th August 13:00
1 Emily Burgess Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
2 Leah Horton Exeter Aces CSC
3 Anna Tuttle Bournemouth Arrow
4 Georgia Burt Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 Madeline Saunders Poole CSC
6 Honey Whitehead Leicester CSC
7 Amy Baynes Coventry CSC
8 Gemma Hill Ipswich CSC
9 Spare
British Junior Championship at Sheffield (Cookson Park)
Sunday 26th August 14:30
1 Ciaran Collins Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
2 Devon Campbell Stockport (2006) CSC
3 Cameron Gill Coventry CSC
4 Spare 2
5 Lewis Brinkhoff Kesgrave Panthers CSC
6 Edan Morton Sheffield Stars CSC
7 Ben Clarke Ipswich CSC
8 Benjamin Tinsdale Bournemouth Arrow
9 Adam Turnbull Bury CSC
10 William Jeffery Horspath CSC
11 Ewan Hancox Birmingham Monarchs CSC
12 Pierce Bacon Ipswich CSC
13 Fraser Garnett Poole CSC
14 Luke Dunningham Ipswich CSC
15 Owen Wells Hethersett Hawks CSC
16 Tyler Brinkhoff Kesgrave Panthers CSC
British Individual Open Championship Semi 4 at Sheffield (Cookson Park)
Sunday 26th August 16:30
1 Lewis Osborne Great Blakenham CSC
2 Christopher Jewkes Wednesfield Aces CSC
3 Ricki Johnson Birmingham Monarchs CSC
4 Myke Grimes Coventry CSC
5 Samuel Hardie Coventry CSC
6 Andy Angell Hull CSC
7 Adam Watson Sheffield Stars CSC
8 William Jeffery Horspath CSC
9 William Owens Bury CSC
10 Ben Higham Stockport (2006) CSC
11 Edan Morton Sheffield Stars CSC
12 Nathan Everett Hull CSC
13 Michael Baldock Coventry CSC
14 Devon Campbell Stockport (2006) CSC
15 Ewan Hancox Birmingham Monarchs CSC
16 Tom Bewick Wednesfield Aces CSC
Britishh Individual Open Championship Semi 1 at Bury
Sunday 26th August 11:00
1 Adam Watson Sheffield Stars CSC
2 Jake Read Stockport (2006) CSC
3 Reece Pollitt Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
4 Lee Kemp Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 William Owens Bury CSC
6 Christopher Timms Birmingham Monarchs CSC
7 Richard Fellgett Ipswich CSC
8 Samuel Hardie Coventry CSC
9 Zac Payne Horspath CSC
10 Michael Baldock Coventry CSC
11 Steve Harris Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
12 Kristian Ramsden Bury CSC
13 Nathan Everett Hull CSC
14 Ashley Hill Ipswich CSC
15 Craig Marchant Leicester CSC
16 Devon Campbell Stockport (2006) CSC
British Over 60’s Championship at Bury
Sunday 26th August 13:00
1 Paul Timms Birmingham Monarchs CSC
2 Leslie Stevens East London CSC
3 John Murphy Edinburgh Falcons CSC
4 Colin Simmons Newport Track Cycling Club
5 Phillip Hemming Wednesfield Aces CSC
British Over 40’s Championship at Bury
Sunday 26th August 14:00
1 Neil Lester Unattached
2 Mark Winwood Birmingham Monarchs CSC
3 Spare
Robert Geach Exeter Aces CSC
5 Neil Howarth Bury CSC
6 Steve Harris Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
7 Craig Whitehead Leicester CSC
8 Craig Marchant Leicester CSC
9 David Hemsley Leicester CSC
10 Mark Whitehead Leicester CSC
11 Carl Winwood Birmingham Monarchs CSC
12 Chris Turner Sheffield Stars CSC
British Over 50’s Championship at Bury
Sunday 26th August 15:30
1 Norman Venson Leicester CSC
2 Patrick Wenn Norwich CSC
3 Stephen Clark Newport Track Cycling Club
4 Leslie Stevens East London CSC
5 Steve Harris Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
British Individual Open Championship Semi 3 at Bury
Sunday 26th August 16:30
1 Kristian Ramsden Bury CSC
2 Josh Brooke Great Blakenham CSC
3 Ben Mould Poole CSC
4 Paul Heard Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 Steve Harris Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
6 Lee Kemp Wednesfield Aces CSC
7 Michael Preston Stockport (2006) CSC
8 Richard Fellgett Ipswich CSC
9 Christopher Timms Birmingham Monarchs CSC
10 Craig Marchant Leicester CSC
11 Reece Pollitt Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
12 Ashley Hill Ipswich CSC
13 Joshua Hill Birmingham Monarchs CSC
14 Zac Payne Horspath CSC
15 Wil Bristowe Poole CSC
16 Jake Read Stockport (2006) CSC
British Individual Under 16 Boys Championship at Hull
Monday 27th August 11:00
1 Louis Wright Stockport (2006) CSC
2 Ryan Winwood Birmingham Monarchs CSC
3 Devon Campbell Stockport (2006) CSC
4 Tyler Bould Wednesfield Aces CSC
5 Billy Winwood Birmingham Monarchs CSC
6 Lewis Brinkhoff Kesgrave Panthers CSC
7 Lewis Foxley Edinburgh Falcons CSC
8 Jack Lister Hull CSC
9 Jimmy Wassall Leicester CSC
10 Michael Preston Stockport (2006) CSC
11 Spare
12 Ben Clarke Ipswich CSC
13 Adam Cooper Great Blakenham CSC
14 Maximillian Evans Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
15 Daniel Mason Stockport (2006) CSC
16 James Porter Kesgrave Panthers CSC

British Individual Women’s Championship at Hull

Monday 27th August 13:00

1 Niamh Morton Sheffield Stars CSC
2 Regan Stubbs Hull CSC
3 Lauren Hookway Exeter Aces CSC
4 Gemma Hill pswich CSC
5 Charlie-Jane Herbert Ipswich CSC
6 Spare
7 Chloe Pearce Ipswich CSC
8 Elizabeth Rigley Leicester CSC
9 Chloe Whitehead Leicester CSC
10 Kristina Mines Poole CSC
11 Georgia Burt Wednesfield Aces CSC
12 Macie Schmidt Poole CSC
13 Emily Burgess Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
14 Katie Greaves Hull CSC
15 Madeline Saunders Poole CSC
16 Laura Watson Sheffield Stars CSC
British Individual Open Championship Final at Hull 
Monday 27th August 15:00