RESULTS: Today’s Results

The latest round of Battle of Britain matches took place today, along with the Women’s League and 2 Scottish Derbies in Divisions 2 & 3 of the North & Scotland League. Results below

Battle of Britain

Elite Junior

South & South Wales 90-88 South East & Eastern

Midlands 83-97 North & Scotland

Elite Men

South & South Wales 100-94 South East & Eastern

Midlands 121-78 North & Scotland

North and Scotland League

Division Two

Edinburgh 85-137 Fife

Fife’s score includes 73 penalty points due to Edinburgh using restricted riders

Glasgow 63-87 Fife

Division Three

Edinburgh 51-27 Fife

Glasgow 23-23 Fife

Women’s League

Team Match

Result to follow

Expert Individual

Result to follow

Intermediate Individual

Result to follow


Featured Image by Andy Whitehouse