AUSTRALIA: Aussies preparing for the 2019 Worlds

With the dates and venues now confirmed by the ICSF the Australian Cycle Speedway Council are now seeking rider nominations from their member clubs and in turn take advantage of early flight options. To date the Le Fevre club have indicated that Rob Fleming,Paul White,Tyrone Walters and Lucy Millican will be contesting the events at various levels whilst former World Junior Individual Champion Shane Bentley in addition to Bobby McMillan,Simon Harley,Brad Hoppo and Braylan MacDonald will represent Findon. Salisbury have Cody Chadwick and Holly Greenhalgh already named for the tour group. The reigning World Senior Individual Champion,Joel Chadwick,will be making a final decision at the end of the year to visit Poland and endeavour to retain his title but there is no doubt his inclusion will not only add encouragement to the other squad members but also be the ideal factor for the Polish Cycle Speedway Council in their ongoing sponsorships and media efforts.