NEWS: New track opens in USA

A new British style Cycle Speedway track has recently opened at the Royal Foundry Craft Spirits in Minnesota, USA.
Andy McLain, the founder and chief distiller, wanted to do something unique and different but something that would resonate. His family lived in England for several years before moving to the USA. Speaking to the Minneapolis St Paul magazine, Andy said “We have a big cycle market here but we wanted something that would connect with our distillery. It’s not just a distillery, it’s a British Distillery. The accessibility to it, in terms of it being something you can compete as an individual, get some friends, or a whole team together, is another opportunity for adults to get out there and compete”
The distillery had a few open track sessions to test out the waters and Andy hopes to have an Autumn (Fall in the USA) League up and running as they figure out the conditions and safety of the track.
“In England they mostly compete with 4 cyclists on the track but I’m looking at opportunities to do one-on-ones and time trials to give more twists and turns for people to compete” Andy said