MATCH REPORT: Parr claims Scottish Open

The 3rd Scottish Open proved to be the most competitive so far enjoyed in front of Fife’s largest ever crowd of approximately 100 spectators. There was going to be a new champion this year due to the absence of Mikey Hewitson.

The format saw 2 qualifying groups. The winners of each going straight to the final with positions 2 and 3 from each group having to race in the semi-final. Group 1 had Edinburgh’s Div1 stars Gavin Parr and Niall Morton up against Fife’s talisman Craig Hardie, Harris Alsop, Victor Hill, Kayden Davidson and Danny Peoples. Glasgow’s number 1 Andy MacDougall and Joe Beuckmann completed the group. Parr went through the card unbeaten whilst Hardie and Morton did enough to reach the semi-final. Davidson continuing to progress beating MacDougall and Beuckmann.

Group 2 saw Jake Slight top score on 15 points, whilst Jason Keith and Fife’s Jamie Penny reaching the semi-final. Vas Hill narrowly missing out on a final place after controversially being excluded. Dougie Morgan and Aaron Smith made their debuts for Fife and looked good in the blue shirt.

The semi-final had Hardie in grid one with Morton, Keith and Penny on his outside. A great 4 laps between Hardie and Morton saw the Fife rider claim first place. A superb inside pass from Penny secured 3rd ahead of Keith.

Parr had first pick of gates in the final. Picking gate one with Slight, Hardie then Morton on his outside. A coming together in the first bend allowed a gap for Hardie up the inside but he narrowly missed out not getting the traction to get in front. Parr was well in the lead going into bend 3 and raced to the chequered flag unbeaten and becoming the new Scottish Open champion and dedicating the win to his wife Caroline who passed away 2 weeks previously

Qualifying Scores:

Group 1
Gavin Parr – 16
Craig Hardie – 15
Niall Morton – 14
Kayden Davidson – 13
Andy MacDougall – 12
Harris Alsop – 11
Victor Hill – 10
Danny Peoples – 9
Joe Beuckmann – 8

Group 2
Jake Slight – 15
Jason Keith – 14
Jamie Penny – 14
Lewis Alsop – 12
Vas Hill -12
Dougie Morgan – 11
Colin Gray – 10
Aaron Smith – 9
Elliott Davies – 9

Craig Hardie – 1st
Niall Morton – 2nd
Jamie Penny – 3rd
Jason Keith – 4th

Gavin Parr – 1st
Niall Morton – 2nd
Jake Slight – 3rd
Craig Hardie – 4th

13 junior riders took to the shale with 3 riders making their debuts – Julien and Christopher Evans and Joshua Falconer. Fife rider, Gareth Davies raced unbeaten to be the first ever Junior Scottish Open champion with Fife Mini Revs claiming the team honours.

Gareth Davies – 16
Archie O’Donnell – 15
Joshua Falconer – 13
Nathan Slight – 13
Amy MacDonald – 11
Maxwell Newsome – 10
Rory Payne – 10
Lyla Peoples – 9
Julien Evans – 7
Christopher Evans – 7
David Rutherford – 5
Harry Gilroy – 4
Oliver Slight – 4

Report from Fife Cycle Speedway

Photo taken by George Swanson