NEWS: Updates from British Cycling

Tarn Fynn has been in touch with the following updates from British Cycling regarding Cycle Speedway:

The Way Forward guidance

The Way Forward guidance document is due to be published in the next few days, which will detail the necessary mitigations to enable activity resume. Many of these will be generic, applicable to every discipline, such as risk assessment requirements, but there will also be a section specific to Cycle Speedway. The guidance will also outline the changes expected at each step of the government’s roadmap for easing lockdown. It will be sent to all registered event organisers and club secretaries, and will also be found on the British Cycling website in due course. We appreciate confidence in returning to the track will be different for everyone, volunteers, riders and parents alike – these guidelines are in place to enable those that are comfortable doing so to resume activity safely, very much an opt-in option.

We will be running a webinar tomorrow at 6.30pm to discuss the guidance and a return to activity from an events perspective. You can still register for the webinar via this link:

Key points for Cycle Speedway activity from the 29th March

Mitigations must be in place to minimise contact whenever riders are not on the track (sanitisation stations, social distancing)
No spectators – one parent/helper per child but they should drop their child off and not gather around the track fencing. Social distancing rules must be followed.
Travel for sport activity is permitted but should be minimised. Overnight stays are not permitted so travel to and from the event must be on the same day.
Individual and inter-club competition only. Due to the different situations clubs find themselves in and the recommendation to minimise travel, regional leagues should not resume until 17th May (earliest date)

National Calendar Adjustments

British Youth & Junior League

The BYJL will be changed to four regional rounds followed by one national round. Dates will be as follows:

Regional Rd1 – 5th June
Regional Rd2 – 26th June
Regional Rd3 – 10th July
Regional Rd4 – 24th July
National Rd – 11th September

Home Internationals

Unfortunately due to the difference in restrictions between the Home Nations which are likely to still be in place in May, the Home Internationals have been cancelled in 2021. Fife will host the event in 2022.
In addition the first two rounds of the Men’s and Women’s Battle of Britain and Elite GP weekends (April 17 & 18 at Exeter and May 8 & 9 at Gt Blakenham & Norwich) are cancelled.
We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary, however we are optimistic national events after the 17th May will be able to go ahead.

Event administration

All events must be registered online to be covered by British Cycling insurance and adhere to government restrictions. This should be completed at least four weeks ahead of time, but exceptions may be made in the first month of activity. Seven days before the event is the absolute latest deadline for completing and submitting the Covid-19 risk assessment and we cannot register events within a week of the event taking place. The attached emails were sent out to those registered as a event organisers and referees respectively with manuals which cover all processes of event organisation and administration. Links are included to the relevant up to date forms that must be completed. I have also attached details of webinars being run later this year for commissaires and referees.

Referees webinar

Following the expressions of interest, Josh Marsh has organised a referees webinar on Teams this Sunday at 1pm. Bob Prince will be leading and it will be a great opportunity to share best practice and prepare for officiating once again after a significant break. This will feed into the 2021 referee grading, however if there are a number of referees unable to make this date another webinar will be arranged – referees should let me know directly if they would like to attend but cannot this weekend.

Title: British Cycling Cycle Speedway Referees’ Webinar
Time: 28 Mar 2021 12:30:00

Join on your computer or mobile app
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Unfortunately due to the number of people who expressed an interest in newly qualifying this year, and the challenges in running a full course online, that this will be postponed till next year. Anyone interested in qualifying in the future is welcome to attend the webinar and I am sure they will find it very informative in what they can expect in the future.