MATCH REPORT: Yorkshire League Final Round

Report by Rob Mawhood

The sixth and final round of the 2021 Yorkshire League season produced an enthralling contest at a breezy Cookson Park.
Sheffield had the difficult task of not only winning the round, but having to overhaul Hull’s 16 point race points lead.
Sheffield named a full strength team, with all the big hitters available for the first time in 2021. Hull were missing David Cooper, but were again able to call on Lewis Foxley (who began this season as a guest rider for Heckmondwike). Heckmondwike again named a team of five home grown riders, a sure sign that there has been an upturn in recruitment for the West Yorkshire club.

Sheffield were clear winners, dropping just four points as they set a new record for the competition. Hull gained the upper hand as early as heat three, when Nathan Everett and Matt Eglen kept Ed Morton in last place. Heckmondwike played their part in heat 8 when Daniel Green and Pat Beacock relegated Eglen to a last place finish. Lewis Foxley slid off in pursuit of Ed Morton/Dariusz Pilas in heat 9 as Sheffield kept the pressure on. Heat 12 was another crucial race, with Foxley splitting the Sheffield pair of Niall Morton/Kyle Holland, Jack Lister falling when under pressure from Holland. Sheffield won all of the individual races (heats 13-16) as Hull knew that they needed to finish ahead of the Heckmondwike rider, which they did.

Sheffield Stars (68) – Dariusz Pilas 11+1, Kielan Burton 13+1, Kyle Holland 14, Niall Morton 14+2, Ed Morton 16+1.

Heckmondwike Saints (34) – Pat Beacock 6+1, Dan Green 11, Darren Kent 8, Thomas Kent 8, Chris Green 1.

Hull (54) – Nathan Everett 16+1, Matt Eglen 11+1, Jack Lister 14, Lewis Foxley 13+2, Liam Bennett DNR.

Referee – Rob Mawhood

The winning Hull team. L – R  Liam Bennett,  Lewis Foxley,  Nathan Everett,  Matt Eglen,  Jack Lister and Barry Ashton.  Photo taken by Andy Schofield

Final Table
M League Points Race Points
1. Hull 6 14.5 337
2. Sheffield Stars 6 14.5 335
3. Heckmondwike Saints 6 7 260

Eleven riders lined up for the Junior (under 13) GP series, providing some entertaining racing, with lots of passing. Sheffield’s Laythan Sharp won three qualifying races, then fell in his fourth while trying to pass Oliver Banyard. Sheffield’s newest recruits, Robin Darlington, Danny Cowley and Lyndon O’Hara all managed double victories with some impressive racing. Heckmondwike duo of Elliott Long and Joseph Green plus Hull’s Harry Gibson were very competitive as they showed how much improvement they have made over the season long series.

Under 8 – 1st Lyndon O’Hara, 2nd Eddie Owolabi-Oshea, rd Lincoln Ackroyd​
Under 10 – 1st Oliver Banyard, 2nd Danny Cowley, 3rd Harry Gibson, 4th Joseph Green.
Under 13 Girls – 1st Lacey Ackroyd
Under 13 Boys – 1st Laythan Sharp, 2nd Elliott Long, 3rd Robin Darlington.

Referee – Kyle Holland

Overall Series
Under 8 – 1st Eddie Owolabi-Oshea, 2nd Lincoln Ackroyd, 3rd Kayden Bennett
Under 10 – 1st Oliver Banyard, 2nd Seraphina Green, 3rd Harry Gibson
Under 13 Girls – 1st Lacey Ackroyd, 2nd Kacey Bennett, 3rd Daria Burdzy.
Under 13 Boys – 1st Laythan Sharp, 2nd Elliott Long, 3rd Noah Lyon / Jack Le Brasse

he final racing of the day saw twenty riders line up for the senior GP series. Racing was still cut and thrust, even though the category winners had already been decided. Jack Lister won the Senior Open, which promoted him above Kyle Holland to take second place in the overall series. The ladder format emphasised the racing it offers when Liam Bennett led Pat Beacock, Thomas Kent and Daniel Green right until the last corner when every rider changed positions with Thomas Kent taking the race win. Veteren’s Darren Kent and Dariusz Pilas (on his series debut) both made it to the top rung of the ladder, both taking race victories.


Open A – 1st Jack Lister, 2nd Lewis Foxley, 3rd Nathan Everett, 4th Niall Morton
Open B – 1st Kyle Holland, 2nd Matt Eglen, 3rd Thomas Kent
Under 18 – 1st Kielan Burton, 2nd Sam Stansfield, 3rd Daniel Green, 4th Liam Bennett, 5th Ryan Tomkinson.
Vet 40-54 – 1st Dariusz Pilas, 2nd Luke Morton, 3rd Will Banyard, 4th Chris Green
Vet 55+ – 1st Darren Kent, 2nd Pat Beacock, 3rd Rob Mawhood, 4th Barry Ashton.

Referee – Chris Bingham

Overall Series
Open/Senior – 1st Nathan Everett, 2nd Jack Lister, 3rd Kyle Holland
Under 18 – 1st Keilan Burton, 2nd Daniel Green, 3rd Sam Stansfield
Women – 1st Laura Watson, 2nd Lizzie Rigley, 3rd Niamh Morton
Vets 40-54 – 1st Will Banyard, 2nd Justin Naylor, 3rd Luke Morton
Vet 55+ – 1st Darren Kent, 2nd Pat Beacock, 3rd Barry Ashton.