CLUB NEWS: Hull appoint committee for 2022

Hull Cycle Speedway Club recently held their AGM which resulted in the appointment of the following committee for the 2022 season:

Chair – Diane Bellis
Vice Chair – Barry Ashton
Secretary – Andy Schofield
Treasurer – Rich Pawson
Development Officer – Nathan Everett
Senior Team Manager – Andy Schofield/Nathan Everett
Junior Team Manager – Dave Lister
Riders Representative – Dave Lister

In addition the following roles were allocated as follows:

Site Manager – Paul Stephenson
Volunteer Coordinator – Diane Bellis
Press Officers – Nathan Everett/Rich
Pawson and Frank Auffret
Welfare Officer – Diane Bellis
Vice Welfare Officer – Dave Lister
Coach – Andy Schofield

Work has begun on the regular maintenance of the track with the drainage system been cleared and tested. Work will commence next weekend on re-laying the track surface.

The Club’s Social/Presentation night will take place on Friday 3rd December.

After what has been a difficult two years the club are looking forward to 2022 with a renewed sense of purpose .