MATCH REPORT: Bury’s experience proves the difference

Bury made the very long trip to Fife to compete in the North & Scotland League on Sunday. They were without 5 of their senior riders and had to fill in with Tom Dunphy, Bobby Dunphy, and Mark Radford who himself was under the weather.

Kris Ramsden and Tom Dunphy opened the scoring with a 7-3 and kept the lead until heat 6 when Danny Taylor and Eryk Motala took another 7-3 over Harris Alsop and Victor Hill.
Another two drawn heats and Harry Radford and Eryk Motala took another 7-3 which Eryk and Danny Taylor repeated three heats later, leaving the score at 67-54

Bury’s heat leaders continued to rack up the heat wins until the nominated heats when Fife took two 6-4 heat wins the final score being Fife 82.5 Bury 97.5

Bury’s scorers were Kris Ramsden 22 (1), Danny Taylor 18 (3), Harry Radford 19.5 (2),, Eryk Motala 16 (1), Tom Dunphy 16, Mark Radford 4, Bobby Dunphy 3.

Fife scores were Harris Alsop 17, Kaynor Davidson 17: Victor Hill 13(1), Harry Langdale 13(1), Lewis Alsop,12.5, Dougie Morgan 8 (2), Danny peoples 4 (2).

Bury took 12 x heat wins and after half way just rode steadily using the 12. And 9 Year old juniors where possible.

Fife put up a good show with 6x heat wins and 8 drawn heats, but this being their early days in Division 1, they can only improve.

This was a match Bury had doubts about winning, but their experience of the heat leaders proved the difference in the end.