MATCH REPORT: Stars take closer steps to titles

Report and photo by Rob Mawhood

Sheffield Stars took closer steps to lifting the North and Scotland League Division One and Two titles with home victories over Hull.

Dry and breezy conditions welcomed the riders, the dusty surface catching out the visiting team in several races.
Sheffield ran up a three figure score for the fifth successive match in Division One with a final score of 111-68. Hull were without a couple of injured riders while Sheffield had the luxury of resting their top two, Ed Morton and Leon Wild.
Every Sheffield rider gained a race win, or assisted win, as they ran in ten maximum 7 point heat scores. Aiden Owen was unbeaten by an opponent, his heat one victory over Lewis Foxley a highlight. Lizzie Rigley and Kieran Hale were also unbeaten.

Hull’s one race advantage came with a 6-4 from Jack Lister and Liam Bennett in heat three. Jack would go on to have an afternoon to forget, a fall in heat 6, a slip costing a win in heat 10 and another crash in heat 15 when he clipped the fence and was unable to take a nominated race.

Lewis Foxley had three race wins, stopping all the other Sheffield riders from unbeaten scores. His two races with Pawel Idziorek (each won one) provided exciting four lap side by side action.


Sheffield – Kyle Holland 15+2, Aiden Owen 13+3, Laura Watson 8, Niall Morton 14+4, Pawel Idziorek 17+2, Wil Banyard 15, Jack Brownell 5, Kielan Burton 14, Lizzie Rigley 7+1, Kieran Hale 3+1

Hull – Lewis Foxley 21, Kacey Bennett 9, Harry Gibson 7, Elwood Harrison 7, Jack Lister 11, Liam Bennett 10+1, Will Hollich 3.

Referee – Rob Mawhood

Sheffield also ran up a three figure score in Division Two, winning by 102-46 (this included the maximum 7 point score in 12 of the 15 races).
Every Sheffield rider got a double figure score, youngsters Oliver Banyard and Lincoln Ackroyd getting a maximum score.
Joe Brownell, Lizzie Rigley, Laura Watson and Jack Brownell all finished unbeaten by an opponent. Liam Bennett, Harry Gibson and Sophia Temple were the Hull riders to finish ahead of a Sheffield rider.


Sheffield – Kieran Hale 11+1, Joe Brownell 14+2, Lizzie Rigley 14+2, Laura Watson 14+2, Jack Brownell 12+4, Oliver Banyard 12, Lacey Ackroyd 13+1, Lincoln Ackroyd 12

Hull – Liam Bennett 6, Will Hollich 6, Kacey Bennett 7, Elwood Harrison 8, Harry Gibson 8, Sophia Temple 8, Alexis Woodcock 3.

Referee – Niall Morton

Hull won the Division Three match that started the days racing by 72-32.
Oliver Banyard was unbeaten as the under 10’s and 13’s rode together. With adjustments the scores were.

Sheffield – Oliver Banyard 16, Lincoln Ackroyd 16.

Hull – Alexis Woodcock 16, Harry Gibson 14, Elwood Harrison 12, Will Hollich 12, Sophia Temple 10, Alayiah Temple 8.

Referee – Niall Morton