About 33/18

The purpose of this website is purely and solely to promote the sport of Cycle Speedway and provide useful information for those in and outside the Cycle Speedway world. There is no political agenda, vested interests or affiliation with any particular club. Any member of the editing team who are members of participating clubs, do so independently and with integrity, remaining impartial at all times. Our services are specifically to promote news, reports, information and media only, acting as a non-aligned news source. 33/18 news is not responsible for the content of third-party articles or letters. The editing team reserves the right to publish or not publish any articles as they see fit, for the best interests of all involved.

The website is ran by a team of volunteers within the sport.

33/18 news is part of the 33/18 umbrella, which also includes 33/18 Designs. 33/18 Designs, where time allows, does it’s best to provide clubs with high quality imagery to use in the promotion of events/club nights aimed at recruiting members, free of charge. 33/18 Designs also design bespoke race shirts, as worn by Coventry CSC.

See below for examples of work, contact details are on the website:




If you are interesting in sponsoring the website to help with administration costs or have any queries, please email: 3318news@gmail.com