NEWS: Hearsall Common facility improvements take place

Coventry, Cycle Speedway, track work

Coventry Cycle Speedway club have been busy with a schedule of facility and track improvements at Hearsall Common in the past three weeks as they prepare for an exciting 2015 season of racing.

One of the key objectives has been to relieve the flooding along the home straight area after rainfall. Aided by a digger supplied by one of their many sponsors, Richard Bloor, a task force of some 12 volunteers braved freezing conditions three Sundays ago to dig a trench on either side of the inside line from the starting gate area to the first bend, before filling this with gravel and making good the ground.

Volunteers workers have also re-laid both bends at the super banked Hearsall Common venue, adding 5 tonnes to each corner, before brushing and finally grading the bends. The club still have 30 tonnes of RD Anderson shale from Scotland in reserve.

Headed by Dave Morris, Andy Drewett and Lee Marsh, workers last Sunday looked at improving the cosmetic appearance of the centre green area by removing all the starting gate area slabs, before replacing them. Two large drainage sumps, under the slabs, were also made good and refilled with new gravel.

A new hard surface `drive-in` area, from the main road, has also been constructed by the gate posts to end many years of vehicular approach being hampered by wet and damp access.

The last track work party of the winter will take place this Sunday, 15th February (11am-1pm), which will focus on re-instating the perimeter ground and prepare the allocated area for the second storage container, now due at the end of March. The existing container will be emptied and cleaned this Sunday.

All the improvements, with more to follow, will be in place for the highlight of the season at Hearsall Common on Thursday 6th August, when the Coventry club will proudly stage the third and final Test match between Great Britain and Australia. This is expected to carry all the hallmarks of a major Coventry CSC presentation, staged with the clubs` renown showmanship and presentational prowess.