WOMEN: Landscaping the England Women’s Team

New manager, new sponsors, new kit. Same passion, skill and determination. Let’s meet Squad England heading to Poland to represent the women. 

Charlie Jane Herbert, Ipswich Eagles (Manager)

“I am the current England and GB women’s manager, and I could not be more thrilled to be leading these girls. Due to still making a comeback from having my child, I felt that I would not be at a level to ride in the squad. However, I wanted to give something back to the teams that have helped me become the rider I am. I have ridden at international level at 3 tours, and I feel that I can give the experience and knowledge to the girls to enable the England girls to bring home the win. I am excited to be managing these girls for the first time, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Laura Watson, Sheffield Stars (Captain)

Managers words: “Laura is the most experienced rider heading out to Poland for England Women and  she will captain the team. Laura has many years’ experience, has ridden in a few tours for England and GB and has been vital in building the women’s race scene. Laura is the current British Women’s Club Champion and she will be a valuable asset to the team.”

Rider Profile: “My name is Laura and I’m captain of the Women’s England team. Since 2011, I have gained 16 caps for both GB and England of which I was captain in 2019, when we competed in Poland for the Worlds.  In 2011, I became Women’s World Champion in North Carolina, America and in 2018, secured 2nd place in the European individuals held at Poznan. This season, I won the Women’s Club Championship alongside my vice-captain Lizzie for Sheffield Stars.”

“I am over the moon to have not only been selected to represent England, but to also have been given the honour and privilege to once again, captain this wonderful group of girls and women.”

Elizabeth Rigley, Sheffield  Stars (Vice Captain)

Manager’s words: “Elizabeth has been on many tours, has some good experience and will be assisting Laura by being vice-captain. Elizabeth has been riding well, and is part of the Women’s Club Championship winning team, along with the Regional Pairs. Elizabeth is explosive, but is very capable of aiding the team to victory.”

Rider profile: “I’m Lizzie and I’m the vice-captain for England. I’ve represented England since I was 15 competing in multiple international competitions, my most recent one to date was the best pairs World Cup where England took 2nd place. This season I have won the Home International Best Pairs alongside my Midlands partners and the Women’s British Club Championships with my home team Sheffield. My favourite thing about Cycle Speedway is the thrill of team riding and I can’t wait to wear the England shirt again alongside some of my best friends!”

Maddie Saunders, Poole 

Manager’s words: “Maddie is the current British Women’s Champion, and has ridden well in the last few years on tours and home turf. She has been working building the Poole girls scene. Maddie is a strong rider, who has the capability to win races, as well as getting her team partner through.”

Rider profile: “I’m Maddie Saunders and I am the Current British Women’s Champion. This is my 4th international competition with my most recent success being achieving the Runners Up position in the 2023 Girls U19 World Championships. In the 2022 Women’s Euro Championships I missed out on the top spot by a point so I’m really looking to improve on that this year. I’m proud to be pulling on the England shirt again at the track where I got my England debut.”

Emily Burgess, Astley and Tyldesley

Manager’s words: “Emily is a former British Champion,and World Champion, and has made her mark on the women’s racing scene. She is a fast gater and is quick round the track. Emily is a rider who you can rely on to win those races which are needed.”

Rider profile: “Hi I’m Emily, I’ve raced cycle speedway since I was 7. I have won 6 British titles, my most recent being the indoor British back in January, and a World Title. I really enjoy racing as a team as it’s a totally different challenge to racing individually. I can’t wait to be back out racing in Poland!”

Bekah Humphries, Birmingham Monarchs

Manager’s words: “Bekah has been riding for a while now, and has recently finished 3rd in the Women’s World Individual. Bekah is able to win the races needed, but also protect her partner as well. Bekah is a good rider to have as part of the team.”

Rider profile: “I have been riding for almost 9 years for Birmingham Monarchs CSC. I had my first international caps on the 2023 Australia Tour, where I rode in the Best Pairs, World Cup, Federation Cup and test series matches. I also placed 3rd in the Women’s Individual Championship. I am looking forward to riding the Polish tracks and riding for England again this year.”

Lexie Curtis, Poole

Manager’s words: “Lexie has been quietly building over the last few years, and has really begun to shine in women’s racing. She has been working hard to make her way into the squad, and has recently represented England at the Junior Home International.”

Rider profile: “I started riding in 2016, I became a Under 12s British champion in 2019. In 2022 I rode for Poole in the Women’s and U16s Club championships and won both events. I am currently the Under16s Regional and National series champion. I recently got an England cap at the 2024 Junior home internationals and am looking forward to competing in my first European Championships this year in Poland.”

Georgia Burt , Wednesfield

Manager’s words: “Georgia has been racing for a few years now, and is more than capable of riding at an international level. She always gives 100%, and no matter the result, she is always smiling. Georgia has been working hard at Wednesfield and this has recently been recognised with a stand being named after her at the Wednesfield club.”

Rider Profile: “I’m Georgia Burt and I have been riding Cycle Speedway for 13 years. I have had no International caps but decided to ride in Poland just to see how it goes, I try not to put any pressure on myself and enjoy my riding again. I was Midland Girls Regional Champion in 2018 along with my highest British finish which was 3rd in the Under 16’s Girls British Individual Final of the same year.”

Shannon Tucker, Exeter

Manager’s words: “Shannon has come out of the woodwork over the last few years. Shannon brings a lot of character to the race track and is a rider who will always give her utmost in every race. Shannon will also always be in the thick of the action, and has been establishing herself in women’s racing.”

Rider profile: “I’m Shannon Tucker and I have been riding Cycle Speedway for 10 years. I have won multiple British team titles from the U12s to Women’s, I have been part of the Southwest Women’s regional team and I am a former U18 Girls regional winner.”

Lily Parr, Kesgrave Panthers

Manager’s words: “Lily has been working her way up to the International teams for the last few years. The current Ladies Laurels winner and part of the winning England Junior Home International. Although this will be Lily’s first time racing outside of the UK, she is more than capable of holding her own.”

Rider profile: “My name is Lily Parr, I ride for Kesgrave Panthers and I am the current U14 girls British Champion. I am the youngest member of the England Women’s Squad and I am super excited to be given the opportunity to ride alongside the people who have inspired my racing. This is my first time competing outside of the UK and I cannot wait for the experience. See you in Poland!”

Amy Baynes, Coventry

Manager’s words: “Amy has really been progressing over the course of this season. She represented England and GB out in Australia at the end of last year. Amy has been making solid improvements with her riding. Amy always gives 100% when out on the race track.”

Rider profile: “I am 21 years old and have been riding Cycle Speedway for 8 years, within this time I have competed in both regional and national competitions. I am a part of the Midlands Women’s team and enjoy every moment of it. For me Cycle Speedway is more than just a sport it’s a way for me to feel like I belong, when I’m on the track all of my worries and stresses are as if they are non-existent. I also made my first international debut in Australia last year and am very pleased to be representing my country again.”

John Dig A Lot


We would like to take this opportunity to thank John and Shaz Wildman for their sponsorship. It has enabled those heading out to Poland to have a matching team kit, without them this wouldn’t be possible. Everyone from the Women’s racing scene is extremely grateful. Thank you John Dig A Lot, it means so much to us all.