LETTERS: John was the rock of Blackley

Graham Gleave has sent us in his reflections on the sad death of John Whiting last week.

I was in Holland when the news reached me of John Whiting’s death, both myself and Kev Greenhalgh had been visiting John regularly during the last 12 months, also he had visits from J Watchman, L Bowden, D Wilson and M Berry.

Every year we have a Blackley get together and last year we got as many of the team as we could. Knowing this would be the last time most would see him on the tour of Australia 2 years ago, he didn’t seem well at the end of it, but no one could have known what was to come.

John was the rock of the Blackley club, it didn’t bother him if he was liked or not, he stood his ground. His loss and also that of Dave Hunting so close together, is like what Dave Baxter said to me – it’s the same as 10 years ago when the sport lost two other giants in Harry Glover/Dave Blinston.

Condolences to both families.

G S Gleave