LETTERS: ICSF Worlds too expensive for northern riders

Norman Angell has written in regarding the 2015 ICSF World Championships schedule we posted yesterday, expressing his concern for our northern riders.

Re the now-published itinerary for the World Championship events.

It seems that the North/South political divide has spread to Cycle Speedway.

There is nothing happening north of Leicester. There are eight Cycle Speedway clubs north of that city who appear to have been left out of any consideration regarding staging events, despite two of them staging British Finals in recent years. This does not include Norwich, marginally north of Leicester, who have also staged the British Finals during that period.

The cost of travel to Poole, Exeter, Horspath and Newport, plus the additional cost of accommodation, will prove to be very expensive for any Northern riders involved in the World events, and also for any supporters wishing to travel. Wednesfield, Coventry and Leicester would be bearable to most people. Scottish and Northumbrian riders and supporters I really feel sorry for.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Angell