LETTERS: It’s the turn of the South for the Worlds

ICSF Secretary Dave Murphy has issued a reply to Norman Angell’s letter, regarding the venues for the ICSF World Championships in July/August 2015.

I’d like offer an explanation to Norman Angell with respect to the allocation of ISCF World Championship events for 2015.


Firstly it’s good to hear from Norman, one of the true gents of our cycle speedway family and an enthusiastic supporter of our great sport.


The basis of the explanation is that, just as wheels go round on the bikes and bikes go around a track, the roster for such events usually follows a round-robin approach.


After the ICSF awarded Britain the 2015 Championships, I understand that the BC Commission canvassed applications from the Regions and reached a decision to award the Championships to be shared by two of those Regions (i.e. SSW and Midlands).


Understandably many Northern and Eastern based riders will suffer additional expense with the 2015 events being centred on Southern and Midland tracks. However, this argument is balanced out by the fact that the last time the ‘Worlds’ were staged in the UK the whole championships were staged in the North (World Individual at Bury and World Cup at Astley & Tyldesley).  On that occasion, Southern based riders travelled north and spent their hard earned cash on fuel, hotels, food and drink etc.


So I would like to allay Norman’s fears that the 2015 World Championships schedule has not resulted from any political divide – it’s purely part of the rotation events within in the cycle of our lives, that is… Cycle Speedway.


Kind regards – Dave Murphy (ICSF Secretary)