AUSTRALIA: Joel Chadwick wins South Australian championships

The 2015 South Australian Cycle Speedway Championships were held at Murraylands (Murray Bridge) recently. The weather was a nice 22 degrees and the majority of racing was hot. There were just under 100 riders competing in 9 grades of racing (approx 100 races) and took about 4 ½ hours


Joel Chadwick – 2015 Australian Champion

Most grades were 4 rounds of racing with the top 4 point scorers going into the sudden death Final. Top point scorer had first choice of grid positions etc.

The Open Grand Final was won convincingly by Joel Chadwick although the Aussie Junior Shane Bentley had him worried for a lap or two challenging around his outside but as always Chadwick kept his cool to pull away from the pack to win by a few lengths. The Open  heats were very competitive but with the Chadwick brothers dominating the 1st and 2nd places it left 2 spots for the Final and these were taken by Shane Weinert and Shane Bentley. Ryan Edson was unfortunate to take a spill in his early heat and then whilst in the lead had bike trouble and had to run the last half lap.


(Riders in order left to right)

Division 7: 1st Zayden Thompson, 2nd Amy Main, 3rd Max Williams, 4th Kimberley Williams-Cook

div 7

Division 6: 1st Tylar MacDonald, 2nd Cooper Davies, 3rd Bradley Williams-Cook, 4th  Cooper Dawson

div 6

Division 5: 1st Braylan MacDonald, 2nd Ben Pudney, 3rd Jack Dawson, 4th Tyson Osborne

div 5

Division 4: 1st Cooper Osborne, 2nd Thomas Jansen, 3rd Blade Blatchford, 4th Jacob Pudney

div 4

Division 3: 1st Jack Norman, 2nd Matty Snowden, 3rd Darnell Thompson, 4th Michael Ratcliff

div 3

Division 2: 1st Brodie Charlson, 2nd Connor Whelan, 3rd Jake Mathews, 4th Matt Hurley

div 2


Girls Under 13: 1st Chloe Williams, 2nd Delacia Pride, 3rd  Lila Waye, 4th  ——

girls under 13

Women: 1st Letitia Collins, 2nd Latisha Bevear, 3rd Kayleigh Clarke, 4th Lucy Millikin


Vets: 1st Matt Dawson, 2nd Simon Harley, 3rd Darren Matthews, 4th Andrew Blatchford


Division 1: 1st Joel Chadwick, 2nd Cody Chadwick, 3rd Shane Weinart, 4th Shane Bentley

div 1