NEWS: Two more join Stoke revival bid

Two more well known Cycle Speedway personalities form the Potteries have joined the revival bid currently being mounted to return the sport to the Stoke On Trent area as hopes rise ahead of a public meeting in the city.

Both Gene Bailey and Rob Machin, two unsung and hard working officials in Stoke for over three decades, have both declared their full support to the project. Bailey has been associated with the Bury club in recent years, whilst Machin has been doing some routine maintenance on the defunct Stoke track in Etruria Park over the past two years.

Bailey said: “I wish to confirm that I will definitely be at the Public Meeting this coming Thursday, 21st May. I am very keen to provide whatever support I can to the cause of getting Cycle Speedway operating again in Stoke”.

The double boost follows the news that Stoke legend Andy Franks has also fully endorsed the Stoke revival plans.

Meanwhile, Coventry`s Joe McLaughlin has sought, and obtained, the approval to circulate flyers for the Public Meeting at Stoke Speedway this Saturday evening from Stoke Speedway boss, Dave Tattum. McLaughlin will be assisted by his wife, Julia, for the promotional venture.