HAVE YOUR SAY: Reaction to BC Youth Policy proposals

Early reactions from the news that U10 and U13 competitions will be scrapped at a national level, across all cycling disciplines, has brought about some reaction from our readers.

Leicester based Lesley Rigley, who’s daughters ride for Leicester Monarchs commented, “It is so wrong to stop some competitions for the younger riders. My 10 year old girl loves the sport and thinks racing against the older ones helps her and is fun even if she does not win. She says she learns so much from them.”

Meanwhile on Facebook, Michelle, the mother of Birmingham junior ace Connor Steel said, “When is this suppost to come into effect? My son is in the under 10’s BYJL and he loves doing it and wants to race other riders in his age group from across the country, should be up to the parents if they are willing to take them. Not impressed by this.”

Pro-photographer Andy Whitehouse backed up the plans highlighting, “I think the idea is to get kids just to enjoy riding / racing and not to get too stressed about points and national standings.”

Jessica Lamb posted links on our Facebook page to a group for BMX riders and parents opposed to the plans, which so far has over 1,600 members and questioned whether any consultation had taken place.

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