NEWS: Back to school for the Vikings!

Cramlington Learning Village had an extra eight Adult Learners (to be kind!) on Thursday 18th June in the shape of Jim Graham, Carol Wilby, Keith Oldham, Dan Wharrier, Keith Dyer, Jim Smith, Gavin Parr and Terry Kirkup. And no, the day wasn’t wasted scribbling on desks with ink bottles and fountain pens, it was spend outside in the glorious, almost double-figure cloud-covered wind-torn of the AstroDrome, as the group entertained a smashing group of Year 12 lads for the Viking’s first proper hookup with the school since the Northumbria track was completed.

Although it’s taken the club a while to get this far, yesterday proved it was worth the wait with a super display from the youngsters. Still early days of course, and there’s probably a new X-Box game about to hit the High Street but there was exceptional enthusiasm from the new trainees today.

Club captain, Gavin Parr did the introductory stuff with an explanation of the basics and a good look at a bike, before checking that everyone was suitably and safely clothed, then split the 24 strong group into two and got down to business.

Terry Kirkup took half onto the running lanes to teach some starting and stopping techniques, watched on eagerly by some old Vikings who also wanted to learn(!). Meanwhile, Gavin had the remainder on the track to show basic cornering, line and pedalling techniques. Fifteen minutes of that brought about a switchover of learners and a repeat with the other half of the group and then it was time to put some of what they’d been shown into practice.

It would have been rare for a group of this size not to throw up at least one potential rider, but afterwards the Vikings were unanimous in their belief that they may have up to a dozen instantly competent and competitive novices!