NEWS: Local Suffolk journalist covering ICSF Worlds

Freelance photographer and journalist, Nigel Farrow has been following Ipswich Cycle Speedway Club this year, and is publishing daily articles on his blog during the Worlds.

Nigel said, “My aim is to post an interview to my blog and a picture to Instagram each day over the coming fortnight. For the rest of the fortnight, I’m hoping to be uploading the posts between 4pm and 5pm, so giving spectators something about the club to read whilst waiting for the start of racing.

Nigel continued, “I’m always the optimist, but hopefully the articles will have a positive effect somehow for the sport, the club and all of you who have helped me over the past four months.

“I’m also creating a gallery of images for each aspect discussed and will this evening hopefully be able to add the galleries of images I have taken into the public side of my archive in a single collection.”

Check out Nigel’s blog here: