MATCH REPORT: Poole get revenge on Ipswich in Harbourside finale

There were plenty of lively exchanges at Harbourside between the clubs in fourth and fifth place in the table despite the absence of several Ipswich big guns, but Poole always had the upper hand with Greg Gluchowski and Gavin Wheeler dropping their only points to Josh Brooke who achieved the rare feat of a full 20 max at the Dorset circuit.

Referee Robin Spicer was a busy man with numerous re-starts and four exclusions – two apiece and every one “passionately” contested. Greg and Gavin received solid backing right down the scoresheet with reserve Jay Briggs taking two notable wins and Bournemouth based former Sandwell rider

Jamie Palmer improving with every match. Ashley Hill gave solid backing to Josh Brooke and he, along with Leon Mower and Jamie Chittock each won one race apiece which helped to keep the scoreline respectable and prevent the Poole “ton”.

Ipswich have now completed their season with two wins  – at home to Poole and Newport while Poole with two home wins against Newport and this one with Ipswich, still have to travel to Newport on the 25th for the re-arranged encounter postponed on July 26th.

These three clubs seem to have been involved in a virtual mini-league, a million miles away from the top 3 clubs who have had access to riding and/or financial resources, which has seen them win all their matches at home and away against the bottom three. Good for those clubs at the top end maybe, but in truth bad for the competition, which has been the least competitive overall in recent memory.

Maybe “events” or natural selection will rectify the situation but with Newport tipped to drop out after two seasons and Ipswich and Poole forever stuck on the geographical periphery, one cannot help but wonder how much longer this league will go on in its present format! As for todays’ match, a healthy October crowd were well entertained as the curtain finally came down on another busy season at Harbourside.

Greg Gluchowski 18  Gavin Wheeler 17 Hayden Chant 14 Aaron Smith 12 Ben Donohue 10 Jay Briggs 10 Dean Hook 9 Jamie Palmer 9

Josh Brooke 20 Ashley Hill 15 Jamie Chittock 11 Leon Mower 10 Ben Harvey 7 Alex Harvey 6 Charlie Jane Herbert 4 Fraser Harris 4

Elite League Combination

As if to underline the recent decision to scrap the Elite Combination, Ipswich tracked the same 8 riders against the hosts with the 54-70 scoreline corrected to 131-70 with penalty points added. Poole tracked a separate 8 man team with 6 drawn from the club’s successful BYJL squad.

Pete Chant 9  Luke Armes 9  Ben Tinsdale 8  Fraser Garnett 7  Callum Smith 7  Callum Albin 5  Jordan Bradford 4  Ryan Bollom 4

Ben Harvey 14 Alex Harvey 14  Fraser Harris 11  Ashley Hill 10  Leon Mower 9  Josh Brooke 7 Jamie Chittock 6 Charlie Jane Herbert 5