EUROVETS: Birmingham riders dominate series

The Eurovets series reached its climax on Saturday in Bury in the 9th and final round. Mark Winwood of the Birmingham Monarchs sealed the overall title in the 40’s with an unbeaten score including winning the A final.

Bob Prince, a long time stalwart of the Birmingham club, as expected sealed the 60’s title with victory also in the A final. The only other battle was to decide the Over 50’s title, with Birmingham men Prince and Steve Hodgkinson fighting a series long battle to the end.

£1100 was raised for charity throughout the series.

£1100 was raised for charity throughout the series for the Orchid charity.

Hodgkinson dropped a point in the heats to grab a grid one in the A final. Prince recovered well after a slow start to the meeting but missed out on a crucial A Final spot. A win in the B final netted him 20 points, which left Hodgkinson requiring a win in the Final to now secure the title. A tapes to flag win secured that title.

40s A Final – Winwood, Martyn Hollebon, Norman Venson, Jason Keith.

50s A Final – Hodgkinson, Paul Timms, Joe McLaughlin, Phil Hemming.

60s A Final – Prince, Terry Kirkup, Mick Aris, Fred Rothwell.

40s top 3

1st Mark Winwood, 2nd Martyn Hollebon, 3rd Jason Keith.


50s top 3

1st Steve Hodgkinson, 2nd Bob Prince, 3rd Joe McLaughlin.


60s top 3

1st Bob Prince, 2nd Terry Kirkup, 3rd Mick Aris (also pictured, Fred Rothwell).