FEATURE: Slovakia the latest country to take on Cycle Speedway

Slovakia are the latest country to try out Cycle Speedway, following on from Japan, which we reported last year.

Twice this year in Speedway rider Martin Vaculik’s city of Zarnovica in Slovakia, an organised competition “Plocha draha deti”, which translates to “Kids dirt track”, took place at Žarnovica Speedway Club, on the dolomite surfaced motor Speedway track.

The competitions took place started in June and featured nearly 30 children from 3 to 12 years old.

It’s another fine example that Cycle Speedway does not need an expensive facility, like what we see in the UK, Poland and Australia to be successful. In the past few years we’ve seen successful events on temporary tracks in Japan and the Urban Cycle Speedway event in an old warehouse in Brighton.

Moving forward, perhaps the sport needs to be open minded to temporary tracks, like other cycling disciplines such as cyclocross and MTB. This could then open a doorway for the sport across the country in new Cities and even Europe and the World.

Here are some pictures from the events.

Many thanks to Jeremi Jan Juruś for bringing it to our attention.