SPONSORS MESSAGE: Don’t lose your bike – stay secure this Winter!

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Our main site sponsors, Yale, have some interesting statistics regarding break ins at this time of year, make sure you take the correct steps to ensure your bike is secure! As always, we’d like to thank Yale for their continued support of 33/18 News | Cycle Speedway.

Unfortunately, at this time of the year there are more than just ghost and ghouls to look out for, as insurance company Aviva show there is a 26% increase in burglaries between Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Statistics also reveal there is a 28% increase in insurance claims for burglaries committed on Bonfire Night – making it the worst night of the year for break-ins.

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The irresistible combination of dark nights, along with the noise and distractions Bonfire Night offers, presents the perfect opportunity for criminals.

With many people out at firework or bonfire parties, criminals are able to work under the cover of darkness without people being suspicious of loud noises, such as smashing glass.

According to the report, the highest increase in burglaries was in Strathclyde; where police saw an increase of 57% between Halloween and Bonfire Night compared to the weekly average for the rest of the year.

To enjoy the festivities without worrying about home security, you just need to take a few simple steps. Lock all windows and doors before leaving the house and remember to set your home alarm.

But Cycle Speedway enthusiasts, please don’t forget about your precious Cycle Speedway bike! Children’s toys, bikes and garden tools came top of the list for criminals who attack sheds.  Most sheds are supplied with minimal door security, so it’s worth fitting a sturdy padlock that can withstand all weathers. Heavy-duty maximum strength padlocks (rating 7-10) are highly recommended as they can withstand the great British weather, even in exposed locations such as homes by the sea.

It’s also important to consider individual items stored within the shed or garage. Considering investing in anchors and cables, which can be looped through bike wheels to provide an extra level of protection if an intruder does manage to gain entry.

Have a safe and secure winter, from all at Yale!