NEWS: Coventry set to party on

Coventry Cycle Speedway club, still buzzing from the positive reaction to their promotion of the Great Britain V Australia Test match, gather in the Godiva city tonight for their annual Presentation Party.

The evening has become one of the highlights on the Coventry CSC social calendar. Its set to attract the highest attendance for the event since racing resumed at Hearsall Common in 2011.

International sporting star Rory Schlien, a double winner of the prestigious Elite League Speedway Riders Final, is this year’s `Guest of Honour`. The Australian star lives in the Coventry area.

The ethos of the Coventry club lies in the great friendships – some going back over 30 years that exists throughout the club – and the family nature and community grassroots spirit the club is successfully built on.

Tonight will see all the great servants of the club gather together to recall another tremendous year for the club. They will be joined by the strong influx of superb members the club attracted in 2011 and 2012 and another, very recent, flurry of new members.

Amongst the talking points as the members look back on a hugely enjoyable year will be the magnificent staging of the Great Britain V Australia Test match, the clubs recent election to the Elite League, its allocation of this winter’s British Indoor finals and the fielding of three riders on World Finals day.

However, the clubs outstanding work in young rider development is sure to be cause of further celebration. No fewer than 27 junior riders will be acknowledged tonight, a figure reflected in the club`s tremendous `Clubnight` work, which has enabled the club to run its own junior league and several (self-contained) junior individual meetings.

One disappointment will be the absence of the clubs adopted Australian ace, Bobby McMillan. The 22 year old has landed today in his native Australia for a week’s holiday.

McMillan has made a major impact in Coventry with his boundless enthusiasm and passion for all things Cycle Speedway. He has made many lasting friendships and via the clubs unrelenting media work, he has become one of the best known sportsman in the city. More than a few rounds of Fosters will be downed in his honour.