TRANSFER NEWS: Transfer window shuts – here’s where riders ended up…

British Cycling have released all the winter moves on first licenses and Elite League licenses. The big news being Gavin Wheeler is most likely on his way to Horspath from Poole on a full transfer (paperwork pending).

The Elite League clubs have been busy preparing for 2016, at this stage it looks like being a close series with good share of top riders spreading out across the six clubs.

Gavin Wheeler

Gavin Wheeler

Horspath have snapped back up Newport’s Mark Carmichael and Jack Harold, along with promising Swindon youngster Jake Neighbour, as well as Wheeler expecting to complete his move in the coming days. Other Newport rider Nick Evans makes his way to champions Wednesfield, where he will be joined by Edinburgh’s Mikey Hewitson who switches from non-participating Sheffield and Astley and Tyldesley’s Junior International Reece Pollitt, while Matt Smith completes a full transfer move from Birmingham.

No less than seven northern riders head for Coventry, with their biggest signing in the form of 3x British Champion Andy Angell, joining the Godiva City club. Manchester riders Chris Parish, Ben Higham and Jake Read all follow suit, along with Angell’s Sheffield team mates Gavin Parr, Pawel Idziorek and Adam Watson making their way down to the Midlands for the Elite League campaign.

Andy Angell

Andy Angell

Poland’s Michal Sassek and Prezemek Binkowski bring in further options for Coventry, along with Australia’s Shane Bentley, should he make it over to the UK. Leicester’s promising rider Michael Baldock also joins after impressing in the Midland League last year.

Ipswich have raided Leicester’s roster too, with Craig Marchant and Kev Burns heading for Suffolk. Hethersett’s Dan Chambers will meet up with them there, along with one of the biggest signings of the winter, Australia’s Cody Chadwick, already in the UK and signed up to the Eagles on a first.

Australian star, Cody Chadwick makes his way to Suffolk for 2016.

Australian star, Cody Chadwick makes his way to Suffolk for 2016.

Birmingham’s strong Midland League base is boosted by the return of Marcus Wadhams and Sheffield’s Ryan Hoyland. Jamie Ball and Jamie Whetton sign from East Park, adding to their overseas Polish contingent of Patryk Kriger and Szymon Kowalczyk.

Poole will be reeling the apparent loss of Wheeler. Harris re-signs, along with Hunt from Swindon, and veteran Dave Murphy. The Dorset side could still have a few tricks up their sleeves though, should they boost their young side, spearheaded by Greg Gluchowski, with some signings from overseas, if that is the case, we could have six teams all capable of grinding out results.

A interesting season awaits…

Full Transfers

Successful Applications

First Surname From To
Joe Allen Astley & Tyldesley Sheffield
Charles Barnett Coventry East Park
Shane Bentley Poole Coventry
Prezemek Binkowski Astley & Tyldesley Coventry
Jason Burke Sheffield Edinburgh
Rebecca Davies Sheffield Newport
Lee Grange Hethersett Norwich
Steve Harris Poole Swindon
Samantha Marsh Birmingham Coventry
Alex Matthews Southampton Horspath
Dave Meanley Wednesfield East Park
Dave Murphy Poole Exeter
Adam Peck Ipswich Great Blakenham
Ballie Phillips Birmingham Coventry
Bob Prince Birmingham East Park
Danielle Riley Newport Norwich
Oliver Riley Hethersett Norwich
Shaun Rudman Horspath Swindon
Lee Smith Birmingham Hethersett
Matthew Smith Birmingham Wednesfield
Marcus Wadhams Birmingham Swindon
Richard Williamson Hethersett Great Blakenham
On Hold –

Application Incomplete

Tom Colling Poole Southampton
Gavin Wheeler Poole Horspath


Non Elite League Rider Elite League Licence Registrations Approved –


First Surname Primary Club Elite League Club
Andrew Angell Hull Coventry
Michael Baldock Leicester Coventry
Jamie Ball East Park Birmingham
Kevin Burns Leicester Ipswich
Mark Carmichael Newport Horspath
Dan Chambers Hethersett Ipswich
Nicky Evans Newport Wednesfield
Steve Harris Swindon Poole
Ryan Hoyland Sheffield Birmingham
Robert Hunt Swindon Poole
Jack Harrold Newport Horspath
Mikey Hewitson Edinburgh Wednesfield
Ben Higham Stockport Coventry
Paul Idziorek Heckmondwicke Coventry
Craig Marchant Leicester Ipswich
Dave Murphy Exeter Poole
Jake Neighbour Swindon Horspath
Chris Parish Bury Coventry
Gavin Parr Northumbria Coventry
Adam Peck Great Blakenham Ipswich
Reece Pollitt Astley & Tyldesley Wednesfield
Jake Read Stockport Coventry
Marcus Wadhams Swindon Birmingham
Adam Watson Sheffield Coventry
Jamie Whetton East Park Birmingham