NEWS: VCSRA “Track Record” magazine issue apology

VCSRA members who recently received the latest issue of their ‘Track Record’ magazine may well have noticed a glaring error on Page 10, where Shane Weinart was named as the 2015 World Junior Champion. Although it’s perfectly true that an Australian named Shane took that title at Wednesfield, it was Shane Bentley not Shane Weinart.

Les Gustafson, who wrote the piece, said, “Apologies for the mistake, especially to Shane Bentley after his hard-earned victory, and no excuses given that I have a filled-in programme for the event.

“I’ve asked Bill Gadsby, the ‘Track Record’ editor, to print a correction in the next issue,  but it won’t be out for another three months or so.”

Don’t worry Les, we know how this feels!