MATCH REPORT: Lions back at the double

Hellingly took part in their first meeting yesterday at their closest opponents East London, who were unfortunately depleted due to rider unavailability and injury, which resulted in a double victory for the Hellingly Lions.

New Team Manager, Martyn Hollebon masterminded the riders and announced England junior international, Jesse Moore as new club captain before the fixture.

In the first team match, all 9 riders were used and ended up with a 93-62 victory with new captain Moore and Neil Hollebon both scoring paid maximums.

Full Scorers were; Jesse Moore19(1) Neil Hollebon 18(2) Martyn Hollebon 13(2) Jamie Cox 11(1) Steven Archer 8(1) Tristan Bassett 8(1) Edward Ridley 5 Etienne Patel 5.

See Brian Barnett’s photos of East London v Hellingly here

The Division 2 fixture ended up in a second victory for the Lions by 86-68, with both sides giving 15 points to their opponents for using graded riders. Etienne Patel scored a paid maximum, which he secured on his final lap of the day by riding right around the outside of East London’s Richard Austen.

The Division two scorers were; Edward Ridley12 Jamie Cox11 Etienne Patel 10(2) Steven Archer 10 Jamie Morley 10 Tristan Bassett 7(2) Martyn Hollebon 6(1).

All riders and officials from Hellingly would like to thank our hosts for their hospitality yesterday.