RIDER NEWS: White family involved in post-meeting smash

On Sunday after the match between East Park and Birmingham the White family set off home and were involved in a huge car accident.

A police car on an emergency call crossed a red light smashed in to their car. It appears that Zak took most of the impact on his side of their car, this resulted in a trip to hospital in an ambulance.

The rest of the family were also required to attend A&E, where they were given the all clear, though shaken. Zak has ligament damage and will be unable to compete in cycle speedway for some time.

All at East Park wish the family a get well soon. 33/18 News would also like to wish Zak a speedy recovery and hope the White family are ok after their ordeal.

Cover photo features Zak (right) being chased by Birmingham’s Ewan Hancox (left) by Paul Devine.