TRANSFER NEWS: Confirmed 2018 transfers

British Cycling have confirmed the riders transfers for the 2018 season, after the transfer window closed last week.

The big name moves are former British Champion, Ben Mould (pictured left), switching from homegrown Newport to Poole, with team mate Jack Harold following suit, giving the Dorset club at least three graded riders, including Mateij Ganczarek. Newport responded with their own signing of Polish teenage ace, Jakub Kosciecha from A&T, as well as picking up World Finalist, Mateusz Ludwiczak, as a free agent.

An exodus of Newport riders is not as alarming as it seems, with East Newport now a stand alone club again, and their share of riders returning back to East Newport’s amber colours, as the all-Newport merger comes to an end.

Northumbria have also seen riders leave in search of Northern League action, as the Cramlington club pulls out of league racing for 2018 to concentrate on rebuilding their club, without the long haul commitments.

Astley and Tyldesley have strengthened their hand by capturing highly decorated veteran, Steve Harris, with Pawel Idziorek moving to Manchester from the dormant Heckmondwike. The Polish star would be a welcome return to the Northern League.

Swindon are another club who will see no racing in 2018, as their riders go their separate ways. Meanwhile, in the South East, Leon Mower bulks up Kesgrave’s arsenal from Ipswich, with Mike Baldock switching from the East Midlands to the West, by joining Coventry.

The rider grading has also been confirmed by British Cycling, with the 2018 regulations available along with the transfer list below:

Photo by Graham Robins.