RIDER NEWS: Roberts heading to Nepal in earthquake aid effort

Former Ipswich Eagles and Ireland international, Lewis Roberts, is heading to Nepal to volunteer with Raleigh International to help with aiding those affected by the 2015 earthquake.

Lewis needs to raise £800, so if you can help, visit his Just Giving page at the bottom of the article.

My name is Lewis Roberts, ex-Ipswich Eagle rider (although better known for my skill at falling off my bike).

In late April, I will be travelling to Nepal to volunteer with Raleigh International for roughly three months, living and working in a rural community, to help Nepal recover from the devastating 2015 earthquake – which inflicted $10 billion-worth of damage (half the size of Nepal’s economy) and killed almost 9,000 people – and improve the quality of life of some of the country’s poorest people. We will be working to achieve positive, sustainable change in rural Nepal.

This will be done by, for example, constructing sanitation units and water systems, changing hygiene and sanitation practices, and giving rural Nepalese the tools and skills to extend the farming season – things we take for granted in this country, but will have a big impact in Nepal.

But before I can do any of this, I have to raise £800. I am currently almost half the way there.

In aid of my fundraising effort, I’m currently undertaking the ‘live below the line’ challenge/ ‘frugal food challenge’, which involves me living off only £5 of food for the entire week – and yes, my stomach is rumbling as I write this!

The funds raised go into a pot which will be used to fund volunteer projects in other poor countries around the world in the future.

Donations large and small are welcome, and all will be gratefully received!

To donate, visit my JustGiving page: justgiving.com/lewisacroberts)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.