DRAW: 2018 European Club Championship

The draw has been made for the 2018 European Club Championship which will be staged at East Park, Wolverhampton from 5th to 7th May 2018. Full details are listed below:


At East Park, Wolverhampton
Saturday 5th – Monday 7th May 2018


Day 1 Saturday 5th May 5 team x 20 heats format

12:00 Round 1 Match A Leszno v Hethersett v Birmingham v East Park v Stockport.
13:45 Round 1 Match B Gt. Blakenham v Newport v Torun v Kesgrave v Ipswich.
15:30 Round 1 Match C Poole v Czestochowa v Wednesfield v Horspath v Hull.
17:15 Round 1 Match D Coventry v Astley & Tyldesley v Ostrow v Leicester v Sheffield.

Teams finishing on equal points in matches A, B, C and D will have a 1 rider run off to decide their match position.

These positions do not count for the preliminary ranking table points, for example 2 teams finishing on equal race points (equal 3rd & 4th place in Matches A, B, C and D) will both receive 2.5 points toward the preliminary ranking table, but their run off will decide which match they race in on day 2 only (matches E, F, G and H).

Day 2 Sunday 6th May 5 team x 20 heats format. Race team positions decided by an open draw

10:00 Round 1 Match E 1st (match A), 2nd (B), 3rd (C), 4th (D), 5th (A)
11:45 Round 1 Match F 1st (match B), 2nd (C), 3rd (D), 4th (A), 5th (B)
13:30 Round 1 Match G 1st (match C), 2nd (D), 3rd (A), 4th (B), 5th [C]
15:15 Round 1 Match H 1st (match D), 2nd (A), 3rd (B), 4th (C), 5th (D)

Matches A to H will form a league table (preliminary ranking table). Match winners will receive 5 points, second place will receive 4 points etc.

Should teams be equal in the points total, then equal teams will be split by total race points over the 2 matches. Any teams still equal will be split by a coin toss, except if teams are equal for 5th & 6th position in the preliminary ranking table. Teams equal for position 5th & 6th on both points and race points will have their position decided by a 1 rider run off.
Teams 1st to 5th in the preliminary ranking table progress to the semi finals, teams from 6th to 20th race in the Repechage matches I, J and K.

Teams 1st to 5th in the preliminary table, will select which semi final they race in and which team position they want to race, in the order 1st to 5th.

16:40 Run off for positions 5th & 6th in the preliminary ranking table (if required).
16:45 Semi final draw for team 1 to 5 in the preliminary ranking table, all team managers to be present.

Repechage Matches 5 team x 20 heats format Race team positions decided by an open draw.
17:00 Repechage Match I 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 18th
18:30 Repechage Match J 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th
20:00 Repechage Match K 6th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 20th.

The winners of Matches I, J and K progress to the semi finals, the team with the highest number of race points will have 6th pick for the semi finals, next will have 7th pick.
If equal on race points this will be decided by a coin toss.

Day 3 Monday 7th May 4 team x 16 heats format

Semi-Finals – Draw by team managers
11:00 Semi final 1 Match L 1st two teams to Grand Final, others to B Final.
12:30 Semi final 2 Match M 1st two teams to Grand Final, others to B Final.

Finals – Open Draw.
14:30 B Final Match N To determine teams 5th to 8th in the Championship
16:30 Grand Final Match O To determine teams 1st to 4th in the Championship.

Cover photo by Andy Whitehouse