CLUB NEWS: A busy weekend for the Hawks

Hethersett Hawks/Myhill Decorators played host to reigning champions Ipswich at the Memorial Playing Field and the league leaders went away with a comfortable victory that did not tell the full picture.

Two 7-3 wins in the final heats somewhat flattered the visitors after they withstood an aggressive Hethersett onslaught early in the match which saw the Hawks lead after a Paul Delaiche / Leigh Cossey 7-3 win in heat 5.

Ipswich eased their way in front with a run of seven heat wins before Liam Webster and Harley Hamill gave the Hawks some respite with a 7-3 win in heat 13. However after that it was just damage limitation for Hethersett before succumbing in the final two heats.

L.Webster 13 (5) L.Cossey 12+2 (5) D.Butler 11+1 (4) O.Wells 11 (5) G.Morgan 10+1 (5) H.Hamill 9+3 (5) D.Chambers 8+1 (5) P.Delaiche 7 (2)

M.Hill 18 (5) R.Fellgett 18 (5) P.Bacon 16+1 (5) D.Knights 13+1 (5) A.Hill 12+1 (5) H.Bacon 12 (5) F.Harris 4 (3) B.Clarke 4 (1) L.Dunningham 2 (2)

Referees – Phil Clarke & Les Fellgett

In the Division 2 match there was plenty of entertaining racing with Barrie Kell falling off three times in his debut. Liam Webster and Owen Wells did their best to keep the scoreboard ticking but it was not quite enough even though Ipswich conceded 15 points for using restricted Richie Fellgett. Daniel Longlands and Charlie Lyth got a consolation 7-3 in the final heat.

HETHERSETT B (69+15) 84
L.Webster 18 (5) O.Wells 14 (5) D.Longlands 12 (6) C.Lyth 6+1 (4) P.Delaiche 6+1 (3) B.Kell 6 (4) G.Morgan 4 (2) N.Longl;ands 3 (3)

B.Clarke 19 (5) R.Fellgett 18+1 (5) F.Harris 14+2 (5) L.Dunningham 13+1 (5) G.Hil;l 11+1 (4) C-J.Herbert 9+1 (4) K.Mitchell 4+1 (2) K.Gowers 3 (2)

Referee – Les Fellgett

Hethersett staged the Norfolk Championships the previous day and left with six of the eight titles – the exceptions being Paddy Wenn retaining his Veterans title and Will Blackmore winning the inaugural Under-8 title. Most popular winner for the Hawks was Leigh Cossey who captured the long-running Senior title for the first time after many years of just falling short.

He had to wait even longer when a storm left the track flooded prior to his final ride winch was concluded after the drainage system was pumped out. Shaun Kell became a double champion winning the Under-10s and the Under-13s while Daniel Longlands (Under-16) Owen Wells (Under-19) and Katie Adams (Ladies) were also crowned champions. In addition to the champions the best passes on the day cam from Josie Kell, Paul Delaiche and Harley Hamill.

This Saturday(9th) several Hethersett riders are at East London for a grand prix before re-grouping on Sunday at Eaton Park for a local derby against Norwich Stars (2 p.m.)