MATCH REPORT: British Under 16 Girls & Junior Finals at Sheffield


1. Emily Burgess (Astley & Tyldesley) 16
2. Maddie Saunders (Poole) 15
3. Georgia Burt (Wednesfield) 13 (after run off)

Sophia Sinclair-Black 13, Gemma Hill (Ipswich) 13, Honey Whitehead (Leicester)10, Amy Baynes (Coventry) 9, Leah Horton (Exeter) 9, Anna Tuttle (Poole) 8.

The final was raced in heavy rain, and produced the same 1-2 (with the same scores) as the under 14 Final. Emily Burgess racing to an unbeaten maximum score. Three riders tied for third place, requiring a run off.
Georgia Burt was expertly placed to pass both Gemma Hill and Sophia Sinclair-Black, when the former passed the latter on turn three of the third lap. Gemma drifting just that bit too wide, gifting Georgia a big gap which she gratefully accepted.


1. Ben Clarke (Ipswich) 19
2. Lewis Brinkoff (Kesgrave) 17 (after run off)
3. Pierce Bacon (Ipswich) 17

Will Jeffrey (Horspath) 16, Ed Morton (Sheffield) 16, Ciaran Collins (Astley & Tyldesley) 15, Fraser Garnett (Poole) 15, Tyler Brinkoff (Kesgrave) 12, Ben Tinsdale (Poole) 12, Tyler Bould (Wednesfield) 10, Devon Campbell (Stockport) 10, Cameron Gill (Coventry) 10, James Porter (Kesgrave) 8, Owen Wells (Hethersett) 8, Luke Dunningham (Ipswich) 6, Adam Turnbull (Bury) 3.

The heavy rain was still coming down when the juniors set to track. This didn’t bother Ben Clarke, the youngest rider in the final, who picked his way to a well deserved title. Typical of his racing was his win in heat 18, his final ride. Having been relegated to third (and last place) by Tyler Brinkoff, he calmly picked his place to pass. Firstly accounting for Tyler and then nipping up the inside of Devon Campbell on the last corner. The following race (heat 19), was pivotal in more than one way. Firstly Fraser Garnett was excluded for movement while ‘under starters orders’. A win would have put Fraser on 19. Then in the two rider re-run Pierce Bacon had to fight hard to pass Ed Morton, the race winner knowing they would be at least in a run-off for silver. Lewis Brinkoff stormed round the outside from grid 4 in the final race to make it a 123 clean sweep for Suffolk clubs. Lewis beating Pierce from inside grid to claim second.

The above is taken from the North & Scotland Cycle Speedway region’s Facebook page