CLUB NEWS: Birmingham take 3 comprehensive league victories

Birmingham Monarchs Cycle Speedway Club took comprehensive wins in all 3 league matches in East Park on Sunday. The Wolves struggle for top end strength was all too evident against a near full strength Birmingham outfit. All 3 divisions were won by large margins, with the juniors completing the match unbeaten, the senior team took 16 maximum heats out of 18.
The senior team were near unstoppable with only Ewan Hancox and Nathan Groves taking a last place. Groves failing to complete his maximum in his final race. 6 monarchs raced to full or paid maximums with young Billy Winwood again impressing in reserve with 4 unbeaten races.
Carl Winwood also impressed with a paid maximum from reserve whilst big hitters Timms, Johnson, Heard and Millward as expected also took paid maximums. The circuit had to also contend with rain, wind and sun making racing conditions difficult at times.
Birmingham’s 2nd division team also took a win although there was more fight from the Wolves with them taking several heat wins, although the compact of the visitors ensured they were able to build on a solid start and continue to dominate throughout. Billy took 3 paid wins on his way to another maximum whilst junior Charlie Buet Gannon took 3 wins out of 3 to take a maximum also. Ryan Winwood impressed for a 2nd week running, dropping a single point on his way to a paid 19 score.
The Juniors win was a complete whitewash with 8 maximum heats out of the 8 race format. Ben Heagren raced to a 16 point maximum to lead the scorers who all took paid maximums. The Wolves juniors not quite yet able to compete with the current 4 times Junior champions.


East Park 58 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 119 – Paul Heard 19+1(5), Scott Millward 18+2[5], Nathan Groves 16+1(5), Billy Winwood 16(4), Ewan Hancox 15+2(5), Carl Winwood 14+2(4), Ricki Johnson 13+3(4), Chris Timms 12+4(4).


East Park 44 (55 minus 11 penalty points) v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 94 – Josh Hill 16+2[5), Ryan Winwood 15+4(5), Jake Steel 15+4(5), Connor Steel 15(5), Charlie Buet Gannon 12(3), Bekah Humphries 12(4), Billy Winwood 9+3(3),


East Park 24 v Birmingham Monarchs 56 – Ben Heagren 16(4), Bekah Humphries 15+1(4), Connor Steel 13+3(4), Charlie Buet Gannon 12+4(4), Connor Steel 13+2[4),

This Sunday (24th) the Monarchs host the opening round of the Gold Cup at Perry Hall playing fields although the Birmingham club are not taking part in this meeting as the host sides from each club do not take part.
The first team action at the track will be on Sunday 28th April with a Midland League visit from Coventry.
Birmingham also hold the 4th and final round of the YJL competition where all age range winners will be crowned.​
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Below photo is the start of a race during Birmingham’s friendly match at Hull