HOME INTERNATIONAL: Changes for Ireland & Injury blow for Wales

Ireland have had to make some changes to their line-ups ahead of tomorrow’s Home Internationals at Ipswich. Phil Widdas has withdrawn from the Over 40’s squad as his wife has to go to hospital so Ireland’s team will be (not in riding order) co-managers Steve Copping & Gary Colby, Ray Pyke, Paddy Wenn & Dave Blackmore.
Ireland’s Junior Select team sees a change also as Tom Blackmore, who is eligible for Scotland, will now be riding for them. Hethersett’s Charlie Lyth, who wasn’t originally available, will take his place where he will join Adam Cooper, Scott Colby, James Porter & Owen Wells
Ireland have also had to make a change to their Senior line-up with Kesgrave’s Patrick Kruger replacing Exeter’s Aaron Herbert.
Meanwhile Wales have suffered an injury blow as Poole’s Fraser Garnett suffered a broken collarbone in a training crash on Tuesday evening and will miss tomorrow’s event. Fraser is expected to be out for 6 to 8 weeks meaning that he is also expected to miss the World Championships in Poland.