CLUB NEWS: Birmingham take honours in last heat decider

Birmingham Monarchs snatched victory in the final race with an all action and bruising 4 laps that had it all on Sunday. Battles at the front and back meant both teams were desperate to break the deadlock which had
remained for much of the match.
Leicester had held a slight edge right thru till midway through the meeting when Birmingham hit a maximum to go 2 up. However within 2 races it was all back level leading into the final heat.
As expected Paul Heard was all over race leader Craig Marchant. The battle at the back involved Billy Winwood as he clashed with his Leicester combatant. Both fell on the 2nd lap with Billy able to get up first to hold his
position. Heard meanwhile was throwing everything at a defensive
Marchant but more drama was to follow on the last lap where Heard tried a wide pass with Marchant attempting to shut the door with both falling heavily. Heard was straight up to finish the race whilst both following riders passed Marchant who protested to the ref to no avail.
Birmingham, with 3 main riders missing dug in deep to take the win but Leicester provided a solid and entertaining day of racing. Heard was named man of the ‚Äč match. The 2nd Division team lost by 1 point although
were carrying heavy penalty points whilst the Juniors won
a challenge fixture.


BIRMINGHAM 91 – Nathan Groves 15+1(5), Mark Winwood
11+1(5), Billy Winwood 6(5), Chris Timms 17+2(5), Carl
Winwood 8(5), Paul Heard 20(5), Jake Steel 7(3), Paul
Timms 7(3). Leicester 89


BIRMINGHAM 35 (74 minus 29 penalty points) – Chris
Timms 7+1(5), Charlie Buet Gannon 12(5), Bekah
Humphries 13+1(5), Nathan Groves 10+1(5), Jake Steel
17+1(5), Connor Steel 15+1(5).

The previous weekend Horspath took victory at Perry Hall Playing Fields in the English League. The Hammers led from the off with the Monarchs chasing throughout.


BIRMINGHAM 87 – Groves 11+1, Hancox 6, Heard 16+1,
Johnson 15+1, C Winwood 5, C Timms 14, Winwood 12, B
Winwood 8.

Birmingham are back in action in 2 weeks time as they travel to Poole for English League action. There is no more action at the track in July.