RESULTS: World Finals Day

The final day of the 2019 World Championships took place yesterday at Leszno where there were 7 World Individual Titles up for grabs. Results below:


Astley & Tyldesley have their first World Champion since the club was formed as Emily Burgess won the Under 16 Girls World Final with a faultless maximum. Poole’s Maddie Saunders took 2nd place, losing only to Burgess in her 2nd ride. Poland & Zoledowo’s Zuzanna Klett took 3rd place with 14 points, losing only to Burgess & Saunders in her last 2 rides

Emily Burgess (England) 16, Maddie Saunders (England) 15, Zuzanna Klett (Poland) 14, Julia Pieprzyk (Poland) 13, Amanda Rigley (England) 12, Sandra Charbich (Poland) 11, Alicja Hamara (Poland) 10, Ewa Ceglowska (Poland) 7, Weronika Kostrzewa (Poland) 4

Referee: Damian Wozny (Poland)


The Grand Veterans World Championship was staged for the first time and the inaugural winner with a maximum was Norwich & Ireland’s Paddy Wenn who became the first Ireland rider ever to win a World Individual Championship. A 3 way run-off was needed for 2nd between Norman Venson, Paul White & Steve Harris which was won by Venson ahead of White & Harris

Paddy Wenn (Ireland) 16, Norman Venson (England) 14, Paul White (Australia) 14, Steve Harris (England) 14, Dave Murphy (Wales) 11, Lee Phillips (England) 11, Warren Corbett (Australia) 9, Robert Fleming (Australia) 9, Rob Matthews (Australia) 8

Referee :Arkadiusz Slysz (Poland)


Poland’s Radoslaw Morawiak was crowned World Under 16 Boys Individual Champion with 19 points, his only defeat coming at the hands of England’s Lewis Brinkhoff who finished runner-up on 18 points. 3rd place went to Poland’s Marcel Krzykowski with 16 points

Radoslaw Morawiak (Poland) 19, Lewis Brinkhoff (England) 18, Marcel Krzykowski (Poland) 16, Mikolaj Menz (Poland) 15, Nathan Goulden (England) 15, Ben Clarke (England) 14, Radoslaw Pilarski (Poland) 14, Dan Wright (Wales) 13, Kamil Dembczyk (Poland) 11, Igor Orlowski (Poland) 10, Wiktor Czerwinski (Poland) 10, Ksawery Kielaszewski (Poland) 10, kamil Wilbrandt (Poland) 10, Taylor Walters (Wales) 8, Kosma Syrkowski (Poland) 6, braylan MacDonald (Australia) 2 (withdrew injured), Brajan Charbich (Poland)(res) 1

Referee: Brad Hoppo (Australia)


More history was made in the Women’s event as Lucy Millikin, with a maximum, became the first Australian to be crowned as Women’s World Champion. Under 16 Girls World Champion Emily Burgess finished as runner-up, losing only once to Millikin. Macie Schmidt finished 3rd, dropping her only points to the top 2

Lucy Millikin (Australia) 16, Emily Burgess (England) 15, Macie Schmidt (England) 14, Laura Watson (England) 11, Lauren Hookway (England) 11, Elizabeth Rigley (England) 11, Zuzanna Klett (Poland) 10, Maddie Saunders (England) 10, Julia Pieprzyk (Poland) 9, Sandra Charbich (Poland) 7, Alicja Hamara (Poland) 7, Patrycja Klett (Poland) 5, Weronika Kostrzewa (Poland) 4

Referee: Bobby McMillan (Australia)


The Veterans World Final produced more history as Dominik Rycharski became the first Polish rider to win the title, which he did with a maximum score. It was a Poland 1-2-3-4 as Michal Kastrau took 2nd spot with 18 points, dropping his only points to Rycharski and Paul White. Marcin Puk took 3rd place with 16 points after defeating Arkadiusz Slysz in a run-off

Dominik Rycharski (Poland) 20, Michal Kastrau (Poland) 18, Marcin Puk (Poland) 16, Arkadiusz Slysz (Poland) 16, Paul White (Australia) 15, Steve Harris (England) 15, Mark Winwood (Wales) 14, Craig Marchant (England) 13, Norman Venson (England) 11, Warren Corbett (Australia) 11, Alex Zielinski (Poland) 10, Tomasz Szwajorek (Poland) 9, Paddy Wenn (Ireland) 9, Brad Hoppo (Australia) 7, Dave Murphy (Wales) 6, Arkadiusz Dudek (Poland) 6

Referee: Pawel Kozlowski (Poland)


Poland’s Marcel Krzykowski made up for his 3rd place in the earlier Under 16 Boys World Championship by winning the Junior World Championship with a maximum score. Leiws Brinkhoff took his 2nd runner-up spot of the day, matching his Under 16 Boys World Final result. A 3 way run-off was needed for 3rd place and this was won by Mikolaj Reszelewski ahead of Fraser Garnett & World Under 16 Boys Champion Radoslaw Morawiak

Marcel Krzykowski (Poland) 20, Lewis Brinkhoff (England) 17, Mikolaj Reszelewski (Poland) 16, Fraser Garnett (Wales) 16, Radoslaw Morawiak (Poland) 16, Ben Clarke (England) 15, Radoslaw Pilarski (Poland) 13, Patryk Bielaczek (Poland) 12, Jakub Ignys (Poland) 11, Aussie Jones (Australia) 11, Cameron Gill (Wales) 11, Mikolaj Menz (Poland) 9, Dan Wright (Wales) 8, Szymon Rzad (Poland) 8, Kacper Piasecki (Poland) 6, Adam Cooper (Ireland) 3, Igor Orlowski (Poland)(res) 2

Referee: Mike Hack (England)


The Open World Individual Final saw more history made as Ben Mould not only became the first Welsh rider to win the title but he also became the first British rider to win the title since Dave Hemsley won the last of his 3 crowns in 2003. Ben scored 18 points, dropping his only points to Dawid Bas in his 2nd ride and Michal Sassek in his 4th ride. Bas & Sassek scored 17 points as did Marcin Szymanski and it was the 2007 & 2013 World Champion who won the resulting run-off ahead of Bas & Sassek

Ben Mould (Wales) 18, Marcin Szymanski (Poland) 17, Dawid Bas (Poland) 17, Michal Sassek (Poland) 17, Cody Chadwick (Australia) 16, Bartosz Grabowski (Poland) 14, Patryk Kriger (Poland 12, Marcin Kolata (Poland) 12, Szymon Kowalczyk (Poland) 12, Mateusz Ludwiczak (Poland) 11, Paul Heard (England) 11, Tomasz Wlodarczyk (Poland) 11, Bobby McMillan (Australia) 10, Chris Timms (England) 7, Piotr jamroszczyk (Poland) 7, Remigiusz Burchardt (Poland) 7

Referee: Przemek Binkowski (Poland)