NEWS: British Cycling working on alternative calendars

Tarn Fynn has been in touch to reassure everyone that British Cycling are working on alternative calendars for the 2020 season, to bring the cycling community back together stronger than ever when events can resume.

They expect to have more clarity in May over when a return to competition is likely, at which point they will communicate a revised National events calendar and assist in planning regional competition around this. Rest assured regional and youth competition will remain a priority whatever the scenario and they aim to have a balanced mix of events planned.

Event registration fees which clubs have already paid will be rolled forward to future events. They will work through this process in more detail in due course.

Tarn is being placed on furlough, initially until the 11th May. If you have any urgent queries in the meantime please contact the following contacts, who will do their best to assist you:

Rick Clarkson –, 07834 098 191

Mark Nulty –, 07811 115810