Entries are now open for the return of the British Club Championships following their cancellation in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Clubs can enter via the following links:


These events take place at Great Blakenham on Saturday 3rd July


These events take place at Ipswich on Sunday 4th July

There have been many queries on the format and regulations, below is a document which attempts to clarify these. The entry deadline is Monday 14th June.

2021 Club Championships Competition format

The Open Club Championships will be run as teams of four competition.
For all Club Championships restricted by age and gender, the competition will be run in a two rider + two reserves format.
All clubs will be guaranteed their first team entry in each category. The formula to be used will be decided based on the number of first team entries received.
Clubs may enter more teams ; however , these will only be accepted to fill the remaining spaces in the formula . A ballot will be used to allocate these remaining spaces if there are more B/C/D teams entered than spots available. Any unsuccessful teams in the ballot will be refunded the entry fee.

7 or less clubs  enter: 
▪ all  clubs  get one  automatic  final place 
▪ if places remain, clubs requesting a 2 nd  team go in to ballot to fill a 7 – team final 
▪ if places remain, clubs requesting a 3 rd  team go in to ballot to fill a 7 – team final 
▪ if places remain, clubs requesting a 4 th  team go in to ballot to fill a 7 – team final 
▪ if places remain, clubs requesting a 5 th  team go in to ballot to fill a 7 – team final 

8 or more clubs  enter: 
▪ qualifiers will be drawn 
▪ the process above may be used to reduce entries to a m anageable level, for instance 2 semi – finals
▪ runoffs if required will be single rider per – team 
Clubs will not need to specify the riders in each team they enter unti l sign – on on the day of the
Championships . Riders and Team Managers will not be permi tted to switch between their club ’ s teams
after sign – on.

Clubs are reminded that teams are racing individually for the Championship. Team riding to favour
another team is deemed corruption of the competition:

S7.2.4. A rider or their Team member may receive a Match ban if the Chief Commissaire considers
they have committed any of the following or similar behaviours (not an exhaustive list):
S7.2.4. 5. Perverting the course of a Match
S7. Any rider who purposely favours one team to the detriment of another, by adopting tactics
that are not commensurate with reasonable competitive requirements in a multi-team match.
Repeat “team riding” and other cooperation may be a breach of Appendix G1 – Sanctions and penalties guidance, item 18: Behaviour that damages the image of cycling e.g. seeking an unfair advantage by any other means outside the rules or not in the spirit of the sport… – £200 fine, DQ & disciplinary referral .

Points Allocation

Points will be allocated as per Technical Regulation 9.26 . 4
The various outdoor British National Club Championship Events shall be combined to produce an overall annual British National Club Champion. Points shall be awarded in each Event on the basis of 25 points to the winner, 20 points for second place, 18 points for third place, 16 points for fourth place, 14 points for fifth place, then reducing by one point per place to one point for 16th place. Clubs failing to reach the Final shall receive equal points according to their finishing position in the qualifying rounds, e.g. first non – qualifiers in two Semi – finals shall be joint fifth, second non – qualifiers shall be joint seventh etc .
For the Overall Club Championship standing, only the top placed team from each club will score points, however they will count in that category ranking, for example:
1 st Club A Team A – 25 pts
2 nd Club B Team A – 20 pts
3 rd Club A Team B – 0 pts
4 th Club C Team A – 16 pts

Clarification on categories

Riders may only compete in the Club Championships for which they are eligible by age and gender. If a Club Championship category is not available to women, then they are permitted to enter the men’s equivalent. This also applies if a category is cancelled due to lack of entries by the deadline.

The Open category is open by age (riders born in 2006 and before) and gender.

This clarification has been made to encourage clubs to recruit and retain riders in all categories. The overall Club Championships will reward the Club that can field competitive teams across several categories.

It does mean U16 Girls can no longer compete in the U16 Boys Club Championship . The overlap in Cycle Speedway age categories allows riders to compete in both their own championships and the age group above so riders who wish to push themselves and challenge in older categories can do so. Under the regulations a female rider born in 2004/2005 can compete in the U16 Girls Club Championships, the Junior Club Championships and the Women’s Club Championships.

Multiple teams across British Cycling were consulted in this decision. Research has shown that separating girls and boys categories improves riders experience and enhances their development. The British Cycling Talent Team are separating out more of their development sessions in all disciplines based on this research. These regulations re also in line with National Championships in other British Cycling disciplines.